Wednesday, May 23, 2007
Lindsay Lohan Causes Yet Another Hotel Scene

Female First reports that Lindsay Lohan caused a huge scene in the lobby of the Soho Grand Hotel, and was ultimately thrown out on her pantyless keister.

The 'Mean Girls' star, who recently returned from a romantic Bahamian holiday with the notorious lothario, threw a tantrum when Calum [Best] checked into the hotel with another woman.

A source told America's Star magazine: "Lindsay checked in with another guy, probably to try and make Calum jealous. She tried calling him but she couldn't get through."

The 20-year-old actress - who was treated for alcoholism in rehab earlier this year - then partied until 1.30am before collapsing in the hotel lobby.

A source said: "She was writhing on the floor and everyone could see that she wasn't wearing any panties. Her date and bodyguard looked horrified but they didn't do a thing to help her so the night manager carried her to her room."

Lindsay then allegedly kept phoning Calum's room and then went to bang on his door.

A source said: "He came to the door and opened it a bit, she peeked inside and saw the woman there. She went cuckoo. She yelled at him, slammed the door and banged on it some more."

The actress was reportedly escorted back to her room, but when her disruptive antics continued she was asked to leave the hotel at 5.30am. She checked out an hour later.

She really can do so much better than Calum Best. Really.


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Amy Winehouse is Scary!

Between Amy Winehouse's busted up grill, wacked out Egyptian eyeliner, and monster beehive hairdo, she is one scary looking chick. I think someone is in need of an emergency makeover, or maybe makeUNDER.


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Who Am I?

Can you name this bespectacled celeb with the huge bag?
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America's Most Hated Are Engaged

'The Hill's' Heidi Montag and her celebutard honey Spencer Pratt just got engaged. According to US Weekly, the made for TV lovebirds were having a romantic evening at the Bacara Resort & Spa in Santa Barbara, when Pratt dropped to one knee and asked Montag to marry him.

I guess she said yes.

The ring is a diamond encrusted platinum band with a pink diamond center stone. No date has been set for the wedding yet.

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Tuesday, May 22, 2007
Some Celebs Do Wear Undies

As illustrated by Eva Cavalli, wife of fashion designer Roberto Cavalli, celebs can afford undies. Poor Mrs. Cavalli was boarding a luxury yacht in Cannes to party with the likes of Sharon Stone, Mischa Barton, and Minnie Driver, when her pants fell straight off her butt.

No word on whether the three aforementioned nipple slippers and butt barers had any wardrobe malfunctions while on board.

Photos: Celeb Warship

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Eva Longoria Plays in the Sand

Eva Longoria shows her stuff....while playing volleyball in a celeb tournament for charity.

Photo: Bumpshack


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Hilton Will Wear Shock Collar...I Mean Alarm Collar

Paris Hilton will be fitted with an electronic alarm which will let guards know if she is being attacked by other prison inmates.

The soon-to-be prison belle has been spotted recently toting inspirational books and the Holy Bible. Hilton also had her 45 day sentence reduced to a measly 23 days, due to good behavior. You get time off for good behavior before you even get into the clink these days??

I guess the only remaining question is: Will the guards actually respond to any alarms the heirhead sets off?

I would give the inmates at least a five minute head start.




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Ashlee Spears, Britney Simpson, Oops!

Poor Britney Spears just can't seem to catch a break lately, but at least she knows how to handle a bad lip-synch moment without beaking out the hoedown dance moves, unlike Ashlee Simpson.

Britney Spears pulled an Ashlee Simpson at her Orlando House of Blues show on Saturday night. The popstar has been criticized for lip-synching her 15-minute performance, but things went from bad to worse when her backing track skipped, forcing Brit to look away from the audience. "When the CD started skipping, she turned her back to the audience," a witness told Perez Hilton. "Then [it] started skipping really badly again... and again and again! It was crazy." However, fans gave Brit plenty of applause and support. Maybe if Brit actually sings for her upcoming Miami gig, she can avoid the technical difficulties altogether?


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Mick Jagger Used Bees to Enlarge Penis?

It seems everyone has an opinion on the size, or lack thereof, of Mick Jagger's penis.

Mick Jagger reportedly tried to enlarge his penis by letting bees sting it. The Rolling Stones frontman, whose "small penis" was mocked by a former lover, covered his manhood in bees in the hope that their stings would cause it to swell.

Temple, revealed how the ageing rocker attempted to use the ancient Amazonian marriage ritual while filming scenes for 1982 movie 'Fitzcarraldo'.

Julien, 53, told Radio 4's 'Film Programme': "It involved putting bamboo over the male member and filling it with stinger bees so the member attained the size of the bamboo.

"Mick spent months in the jungle in Peru. He was going mad out there I think."

British director Julien was with The Rolling Stones in Mexico making their 'Undercover of the Night' video.

Former supermodel Janice Dickinson, 52, humiliated Mick when she told TV chat show host Jonathan Ross "Mick has a very small penis".

Bandmate Keith Richards has also weighed in on the penis talk, and mocked Jagger onstage in Boston.

He said: "His c**k's on the end of his nose. And a very small one at that. Huge balls. Small c**k. Ask Marianne Faithful."

Despite it's reportedly small size, it must work better than it's supposed to. Jagger has seven children by four different women. So I guess it's true what they say, money buys you lots of p***y. Wait, maybe that's not what they say, but whatever.


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Katie Holmes Takes on "Katee Holmes"

The first lady of Scientology, Katie Holmes, is planning to sue a teenage soon-to-be porn star, recently name-changed to "Katee Holmes".

A spokesperson for the original Katie Holmes says, "It's a really cheap shot. Obviously Tom would support Katie in anything she decides to do about it."

The 18 year old fashion student Katee plans to lose her virginity on film.

But Shy Love, a representative for Katee, and an adult video veteran, tells the name alternation was done in homage to the 28-year-old wife of Tom Cruise.

She says, "Katee is using the name as a tribute to Katie, who has always portrayed an innocence in everything she's done, beginning with Dawson's Creek."


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McConaughey: Method Actor or Wackadoo?

I'm trying to figure out if Matthew McConaughey is:
a) trying out a new and soon to be trendy workout,
b) a spectacular method actor,
or c) just plain crazy.

Click the picture above to watch a minute and a half of Matty dancing around his beachfront RV while covered with mud, wearing prison stripes, and waving palm fronds, then you can decide.



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And Now, a Few Words From Orlando Bloom...

Orlando Bloom wants to fall in love and settle down...any takers?

The 30-year-old Pirates of the Carribean: At World's End star told the Mirror that despite the fact that he’s a romantic who really, really wants a girlfriend, he "find[s] the whole dating thing very hard, actually." You know, cause it’s so hard finding a partner to settle down with when you’re drop-dead gorgeous, wealthy, and famous. We so feel your pain, Orlando.

Check out more excerpts from the interview, below:

On his ex, Kate Bosworth:
"Kate was on one side of the world, in Australia shooting Superman, and I was on the other, in the Bahamas for Pirates. So we tried giving each other a bit of time out. And, well, there were difficulties. There are in any relationship...In our case, it was extremely unfortunate that everything was on public display. I have always tried to keep my cards close to my chest - while wearing my heart on my sleeve - but it is a really hard thing to do...We're still very good friends, but there's no denying that it had been a difficult year for us both."

On his new love, dog Sidi:
"I cleaned him up, intending to find a home for him. But, after a few days, I just couldn't let him go. Now he travels pretty much everywhere with me."

On turning 30, and the future:
"It felt good to have got to 30. I never thought I'd make it. It feels different. It's time for reflection and finding out how much living I want to do...I'd like to start a family one day and live more of a real existence, instead of being all over the place."

On playing his Pirates character, Will, for the last time:
"We had re-shoots over and over again, so every time I thought that was it, I'd get a call asking for one more shot. I can't actually remember my last day of filming because it seems I had it so many times. So the pain of leaving was taken from me by the way it ended up."


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Friday, May 18, 2007
Cameron Diaz Nipple Slip

Nipple slips must be going around, because it seems like everyone's having them. This time it was Cameron Diaz on the Ellen DeGeneres show.

Cam’s loose-fitting top slipped down and left her right breast exposed. It’s a good thing the cameraman was probably already starring at her breasts because he was quick to shoot her from the side until Ellen alerted Cameron about the nip slip.

Cameron, who was dressed in a beige suit, laughed off the incident after DeGeneres said, “They’re asking you to pull up your shirt.”

Diaz said, “Excuse moi. Thank you. I went through so many foolproofs on this too - ‘It ain’t gonna fall out, I promise.’ I hate double-stick tape; you can always see double-stick tape.”

DeGeneres responded, “Well, we saw something else.”

I love Ellen.


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Kellie Pickler Continues to Make Herself Over

Kellie Pickler has gone from super cute American Idol wannabe, to Dolly Parton wannabe with the boobies to match, and has continued to evolve into something approaching glamorous.

To see more photos of Kellie walking a red carpet in Las Vegas, click here.

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Mischa Barton Nipple Slip

Mischa Barton gets publicity in the only way she can get it these days, by letting it all hang out. For the NSFW version, click here.


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Andy Roddick Gets Photoshopped

Photoshop or no Photoshop? You decide. However it looks to me that Andy Roddick's head is a wee bit too small for that muscly body. I also don't ever recall a tennis player being built like that.


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Mayer and Simpson: Dunzo

Seemingly mere moments after Pimpa Joe gave his double thumbs up to daughter Jessica Simpson's and John Mayer's relationship, sadly, it's all over.

Jessica Simpson and John Mayer have ended their romance – but perhaps not for good, a source close to Simpson tells PEOPLE.

"They have broken up," says the source. "But they have broken up and gotten back together at least ten times before."

According to the source, the pair are in constant contact – even as Simpson promotes her film Major Movie Star at the Cannes Film Festival in France. "They talk to each other at least six times a day. I don't know if this breakup is permanent, but for right now they are broken up."

In fact, the pair have "been emailing and talking to each other," since Simpson went to Cannes, says a Simpson friend. "I'm sure they'll get back together."

As for why the two singers split, a friend of Mayer's says, "John did say that he broke up [with Jessica]. He said that it was because he was just over it."

But the pal says there is no other woman. "He's fine about it, he's not upset – but he's definitely not looking for someone right now."

A split between the two has happened before, and I predict that this is yet another publicity stunt concocted by Pimpa Joe. After all, Chestica does have a new movie coming out soon, and her last two have both been bombs.


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Britney Hogan?

I'm hoping this picture was taken from just a bad angle, because in it, Britney Spears looks like the long lost spawn of Hulk Hogan. She and Spears wannabe Brooke Hogan could be twins. They both rock the tranny look with big limbs.


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"The Duchess" Meets The Duchess

Fergie, the unoffical Duchess, meets Fergie, the Duchess of York, at the 2007 Cipriani Wall Street Concert Series benefiting the US Fund for UNICEF in New York on Thursday.


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Rachel McAdams: Forever 28

Radar Online reports that there seems to be some discrepancy in the reported age of actress Rachel McAdams. It keeps randomly changing between age 28 and 30, and back again when the situation calls for it.

Rachel McAdams is too young to lie about her age—or is she?
The star of Wedding Crashers and The Notebook claims she was born in October 1978, making her 28. But puts her birthday in 1976—and those who've looked into the matter believe the earlier date may be accurate.

In a November 2005 profile, Details listed McAdams's age as 29, prompting her then-publicist, Ame Van Iden, to complain vigorously. (McAdams later fired Van Iden, reportedly because the flack booked her to appear nude on Vanity Fair's cover without her consent.) A Details source says the magazine agreed to run a correction only after Van Iden assured them that IMDb had been notified of its error.

As of yesterday, however, the site was still listing her as 30. When Elle wrote McAdams up for its April cover, it got around the problem by saying, "IMDb states [she] is 30, but [she] is really, truly, ask her mother, 28."

What's the truth? "Her birthday is inaccurately reported," says her rep. "She is 28 years old." But a source involved with one of her recent films says it's "no secret among the producers" that she shaves a couple years off her age in interviews—only to add them back on when she's up for a part that calls for a more "mature" actress.


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Thursday, May 17, 2007
Minnie Driver's Man Disappears With Diaz

Minnie Driver, that endearing Brit who can do no wrong, seems to have gotten dumped by her fiance for Cameron Diaz. The wayward fiance is magician Criss Angel, who was in Las Vegas last weekend, and spent a romantic evening out with Diaz.

Cameron was only supposed to be in Sin City until Sunday, but extended her vacation until Tuesday after she met Angel through friends.

The London-born star of Good Will Hunting seemed to have found her man, when back in September, American TV magician Criss Angel proposed to her after a romantic holiday in Mexico.

But on Monday night, Angel was spotted arm-in-arm “cuddling and snuggling” with Charlie’s Angel actress Diaz.

Angel and Miss Diaz made no attempt to hide their affection for one another during a romantic dinner at the Prime Steakhouse in Las Vegas.

And after dinner the couple traveled in style, taking his Rolls Royce to the Mirage hotel, where they watched the Beatles-inspired Cirque de Soleil show, Love.

An onlooker told The Mail: "They were very obviously a couple enjoying a great date. He kept making jokes and she was giggling all the time. They were cuddling and snuggling and he kept whispering in her ear – they looked very happy together."

And poor Minnie has had zero luck in the love department. Does anyone remember when her boyfriend, goody-two-shoes Matt Damon, dumped her on national television on Oprah? Since then Driver has had several failed romances, including Josh Brolin. At 37 she is hearing the biological clock ticking loud and clear, and had hoped that Angel was "the one".

Honestly I thought Criss Angel was gay. I saw him for the first time ever when he was on Oprah, and from his mannerisms and voice I swear he was gay. I guess not.


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Jenna Fischer Fractures Her Back in Fall

'The Office's resident receptionist, Jenna Fischer, was at Manhattan bar Buddakan when she slipped on the marble stairs, and ended up fracturing her back in four places. Lucky for her, none of the fractures were near the spine, and her reps say she will recover in time to shoot the fourth season of 'The Office' this Summer.

Fischer and some of her co-stars were at the trendy bar to celebrate the news that the show had been renewed again, when she slipped and fell.


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Britney's Got New Hair, and it Ain't Pretty

Britney Spears was seen out and about with blond locks, but this time it wasn't a wig she was sporting. It seems the Britster has got herself some brand new extensions and a serious bleach job on her own one inch hair to match.

A stylist from Heavener Salon in Lake Forest, Calif., tells TMZ she spent two entire days setting, matching and dyeing extensions for Britney's short hair. Spears added several inches to her dome, which is still only about an inch long.

According to our source, Britney is scheduled for another touch-up in just a few days, but Britney won't be going to the Orange Country store to get the work done -- the store will go to Britney.

Uh...wasn't that where all this drama started? Didn't Britney shave off her extensions and scream about never wanting people to touch her again? I guess the rehabbers convinced her of "Alcohol and drugs: extensions and bleach: good."



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Wednesday, May 16, 2007
Biel and Timberlake Back On

Frinds-with-benefits duo Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake appear to be exercising the benefits clause this week in London. Justin is in the UK reportedly helping Madonna work on her next album.

JT and his lady with the lumps were snapped strolling hand in hand on a hotel walkway, and also sucking face in a restaurant or two.

Photo: TMZ

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Jessica Alba Channels Jerry's Kids for Shoot

After looking at the photos from Jessica Alba's GQ spread, I can't decide if Alba is mentally challenged, or the photographer really thinks those poses are sexy.

In one she has popped bubblegum all over her face and her nose is missing. In another she is dribbling a waterfall of water out of her mouth, and looks like maybe she just can't hold her alcohol. Then she has a long-stemmed rose in her mouth like she is taking a bite out of a big, juicy cheeseburger. I've tasted roses, and their not that good.

To see the rest of the photos, and also decide for yourself if it's Jessica or the photographer who is mentally challenged, click here.


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'Grey's' Doc Gets Engaged

'Grey's Anatomy' star Kate Walsh has announced her engagement to boyfriend Alex Young, a Fox studio exec. The big news came to press gathered at Lincoln Center for ABC's upfront presentation for the new Fall season.

"It happened a few days ago. And that’s all I can say," she beamed, flashing US Weekly her engagement ring. "I’m on cloud nine.”

The couple were first spotted getting cozy on April 22 at Mustard Seed Restaurant in Hollywood. “They were holding hands, nuzzling each others necks, kissing, and were really into each other," a source tells Us.

Walsh and Young then went public with their whirlwind romance at a Barack Obama fundraiser in Los Angeles.

An engagement isn't the only thing that the actress has to smile about these days. ABC announced late last week that Walsh's new show, Private Practice (the Grey's Anatomy spin-off starring Walsh's character, Addison Montgomery Sheperd), had been picked up for a full season and will premiere this fall on Wednesday nights at 9 p.m.

Congrats to Kate and Alex!

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Tuesday, May 15, 2007
Maria Bello Replaces Rachel Weisz in The Mummy

It's official: Rachel Weisz is not coming back for the third installment in 'The Mummy' series, and is being replaced by Maria Bello to play Evie O'Connell. Bello is best known for her roles in 'ER', 'A History of Violence', Coyote Ugly', and 'Secret Window'.

In the new film - written by 'Smallville' creators Miles Millar and Alfred Gough and directed by Rob Cohen - adventurer Rick O'Connell (Brendan Fraser), his wife Evelyn and their son - played by Luke Ford - travel to the forbidden tombs of China and the Himalayas.

There they battle a shape-shifting mummy - who is a former Chinese emperor, played by Jet Li - and are cursed by a wizard, played by Michelle Yeoh.

'The Mummy' and 'The Mummy Returns' grossed more than $830 million worldwide for Universal, which will release the third film next summer.


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Ewan McGregor's Eenie Ween Helper

Actor Ewan McGregor, of 'Trainspotting' and 'Star Wars' fame, stuffs his undies with something a little more high tech than the standard gym socks. McGregor wears "Wonderjocks", an Aussie import which helps to "lift and promote" the size of a man's genitals.

McGregor is alleged to have placed such a large order with underwear firm AussieBum for their 'Wonderjocks' they were forced to run a check on his financial status. AussieBum founder Sean Asby says, "We found out that Ewan McGregor was buying them only because he made such a huge order and we had to do a credit check.

"The fact these are selling so fast proves size matters to a modern man. The Wonderjocks were originally done as a bit of a joke after someone said to us, 'Could you do something that makes me look a bit larger?'"

Well the good news is that even if Ewan isn't blessed with an outstanding ween, at least he bought enough undies for frequent changes.



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Diaz Talks About JT on 'Ellen Show'

Actress Cameron Diaz, 34, dropped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Tuesday to shill for Shrek the Third, but naturally the conversation soon turned to Cam’s recent breakup with Justin Timberlake, 26.

Ellen: “So let’s really talk about...”

Cameron: “Ok. Let’s do it”

Ellen: “You and Justin broke-up, which was very sad and very depressing for a lot of us.”

Cameron: “I’m sorry. I know it hurt.”

Ellen: “So you must be friends…”

“Of course.”

Ellen: “I have not seen the pictures but everybody is saying at the premiere (Shrek the Third) that you and Justin saw each other and it was huge news that he came over and kissed you on the cheek and everybody went nuts…”

Cameron: “I love how people just expect when people break-up to hate each other but, you know the great thing is that Justin and I have lived extraordinary lives. We had a wonderful opportunity to live an extraordinary life together for a period of time and now we live an extraordinary not the same way together but we’re still in each other’s lives. When you care about somebody you just want them to be happy and that’s what we both are now.”

Ellen: “That’s great. So he’s happy and you’re happy.”

Cameron: “Yes, life is amazing there is nothing not to be happy about.”

Ellen: “I’m glad to hear that.”

Meanwhile, it looks like Cameron is already moving on. The actress accompanied her new love interest, magician Criss Angel, to a performance of The Beatles LOVE by Cirque du Soleil at The Mirage Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas on Monday.

The couple arrived at the theater, arms linked, and smiling from ear to ear. Criss drank Rum and Diet Coke while Cameron sipped white wine. Following the show, they went backstage to meet the cast and crew of LOVE, and left the theater shortly after to play roulette.


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'Laguna' Underage Drinker Wahler Gets Rehabbed

'Laguna Beach' ex-castmember Jason Wahler is trying to get help for his myriad problems with drinking and breaking the law, by checking into rehab. He follows in the footsteps of every other celebrity gone slightly wrong of late, including Britney Spears, Isaiah Washington, Howie Day, Lindsay Lohan, and Selma Blair, just to name a few.

Laguna Beach bad boy Jason Wahler has moved out of the ritzy beachside community made famous on his MTV series and checked into drug rehab. The Enquirer has learned exclusively that Wahler- who shot to fame as one of the spoiled rich kids on the hit reality show- is battling addictions to alcohol and drugs at the Chapman House treatment center in California's Orange County.

"Thank god he's getting help, because his hard partying has definitely taken a toll," a pal of the troubled 20-year old tells The Enquirer. "He needed to hit rock bottom-and judging by the look of him, he definitely has." His mother, Denese Wahler
confirmed that Jason is in rehab and admitted that "small traces of
drugs" were found in his system. But she said alcohol is his primary

Source: National Enquirer

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Monday, May 14, 2007
Paris Gets in Shape for Jail

I don't think I've ever actually seen Paris Hilton do anything resembling working out before, so this is a refreshing change. But I think perhaps she might want to consider adding running to her new fitness regimen, because I think it will come in handy during her upcoming stint in jail. I heard she is also taking self-defense classes in the 2 weeks she has left before having to turn herself in.

Photo: E! Online


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Sheryl Crow Adopts a Baby Boy

Sheryl Crow, the 45 year old singer/songwriter, has adopted a baby boy and is now officially a single MILF. The baby is now two weeks old, and is named Wyatt Steven, after Crow's father and younger brother.

Crow announced the adoption to the world via her website last Friday.



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Wednesday, May 9, 2007
Death Threats for Paris From Prison

Will the drama never end with this girl?? The latest in the Paris Hilton Jail saga is that the inmates of the jail she will probably be sent to, are allegedly sending the heirhead death threats via her MySpace page.

The socialite is set to begin a 45-day jail spell on 5 June (07) and some of the ladies she'll be locked up with at California's all-female Century Regional Detention Facility have started to let her know she won't be a welcome guest. A source close to Hilton tells Life + Style magazine the hotel heiress started receiving death threats on her web page the day after she was sentenced to serve time for violating her probation by driving with a suspended license. The insider says, "These maniacs have been writing, 'We're going to get you,' and, 'I'm going to kill you.' It's horrifying. "One person wrote that she's going to steal Paris' shoes when she gets to jail - and if Paris argues, she'll be beaten to a pulp." In an exclusive interview with the American publication, Hilton admits, "I'm very scared right now." Hilton, who is appealing her sentence, has learned she'll be housed away from the bulk of inmates at the jail for her protection.

The area of the facility where she would be put is for "special needs" inmates....which Hilton definitely is.



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Tuesday, May 8, 2007
2007 Costume Institute Gala

Liv Tyler goes Grecian in a Calvin Klein Collection and Van Cleef and Arpels Jewelry.

Renee Zellweger hits a homerun in a beaded Carolina Herrera.

Kate Moss wore one of her own Topshop designs, to rave reviews.

Jennifer Hudson dazzles in a one shouldered Michael Kors dress with Lorraine Schwartz jewels.

Sandra Bullock looks fantastic in a red Alberta Ferretti number.

Kate Bosworth shows off her Hawaiian tan in Prada with Fred Leighton jewels.

Jennifer Garner goes with what has worked before, and wears a vintage Valentino in fire engine red.

Scarlett Johansson puts the costume back in the gala while wearing Stella McCartney, fishnets, and platform pumps.

Cameron Diaz redeems herself from her Golden Globes and Oscars dress disasters in a fucshia Dior by John Galliano. Now if she could just hire a hairstylist...

Jennifer Lopez looks divine in a 1940's inspired Marchesa gown, and lots of bling.

There were many more spectacular dresses, and some that didn't quite make the grade. For more pictures of the dresses and celebs attending, click here.



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Lindsay Lohan Caught Up in Yet Another Scandal

The UK's News of the World broke the story on Saturday that Lindsay Lohan isn't quite as sober as she wants us to think she is. The story included video of Lohan snorting cocaine, and shoving it up her friends' noses.

Well first of all, tell us something we didn't already know. But the world is all in a tizzy because of the supporting photos and video.

Page Six had this to say about the brouhaha:

NEWS reports in London say a video of Lindsay Lohan allegedly doing cocaine has surfaced. The News of the World newspaper carried stills from a bathroom stall at Teddy's in L.A. which allegedly show Lohan "wedged inside with two friends. Lohan pulls a small bag of white powder from her jeans pocket. She dips her finger in and shoves the substance up one friend's nose before snorting some up her own." A rep for Lohan - who was expected at the Met costume gala last night and the premiere for her flick, "Georgia Rule," tonight - didn't return calls.

In a world where all publicity is good publicity, I'm not sure how her costars in 'Georgia Rule' feel about this latest debacle featuring Lindsay. During the filming she was publicly chastised by Morgan Creek CEO James G. Robinson for her lack of work ethic. Lohan frequently held up filming by being late, hung over, and/or calling in sick to the set.


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'Shrek the Third' Premiere

Cameron Diaz wears an ill-fitting pink number on the green carpet at the 'Shrek the Third' premiere, while her ex, Justin Timberlake, rocks the nerdy cool look.

The two avoided each other on the red carpet, and then shared a cordial, if slightly awkward, hug and kiss later in the festivities.

Timberlake has a role in the film as the voice of Artie, the new king.

Photos: Star magazine

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Monday, May 7, 2007
Brad Pitt Looking for Butt Double

Angelina Jolie is having partner Brad Pitt jump around like a marionette on strings these days. Word is that producers of his new film 'The Curious Case of Benjamin Button' are scrambling to find a butt double for Pitt, after he refused to strip down for nude scenes.

This latest demand comes after Pitt recently refused to film a kissing scene with an attractive female co-star, apparently fearing Jolie's negative reaction. Brad has been known to strip off his clothes in other films, but is nixing that option in recent days.

It's all starting to sound a bit like Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes to me.


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Hilton Fires Longtime Publicist After Jail Sentencing

Elliot Mintz, the long suffering publicist of celebutard heiress Paris Hilton, got his butt canned this week. Paris cast all the blame on the guy for her driving on a suspended license, claiming that he had told her the license was not suspended.

Hilton tried to hang him out to dry to the judge who heard her case, but he didn't buy it, and sentenced the heiress/actress to 45 days in lock-up.

I guess Paris isn't as great of an actress as she thinks she is.

Mintz issued the following statement regarding his firing to TMZ:

The day after the hearing, I sent an e-mail expressing my sadness over the ruling of the judge and the irrational sentence he imposed. In that e-mail I also offered my sincerest apology for any misunderstanding she received from me regarding the terms of her probation. To the extent that I have miscommunicated information I received from her attorneys......I am deeply and profoundly sorry. I told her that I assume personal responsibility for my part in this matter. I believe when stated in court that she believed it was o.k. for her to drive under certain circumstances she was being absolutely truthful. Due to this misunderstanding, I am no longer representing Paris. For the record, I have nothing but love and respect for Paris and her family. Paris is a wonderful person and does not deserve the punishment that was handed down by the court. I only wish her my best.



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