Tuesday, May 15, 2007
Ewan McGregor's Eenie Ween Helper

Actor Ewan McGregor, of 'Trainspotting' and 'Star Wars' fame, stuffs his undies with something a little more high tech than the standard gym socks. McGregor wears "Wonderjocks", an Aussie import which helps to "lift and promote" the size of a man's genitals.

McGregor is alleged to have placed such a large order with underwear firm AussieBum for their 'Wonderjocks' they were forced to run a check on his financial status. AussieBum founder Sean Asby says, "We found out that Ewan McGregor was buying them only because he made such a huge order and we had to do a credit check.

"The fact these are selling so fast proves size matters to a modern man. The Wonderjocks were originally done as a bit of a joke after someone said to us, 'Could you do something that makes me look a bit larger?'"

Well the good news is that even if Ewan isn't blessed with an outstanding ween, at least he bought enough undies for frequent changes.



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