Tuesday, May 15, 2007
Diaz Talks About JT on 'Ellen Show'

Actress Cameron Diaz, 34, dropped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Tuesday to shill for Shrek the Third, but naturally the conversation soon turned to Cam’s recent breakup with Justin Timberlake, 26.

Ellen: “So let’s really talk about...”

Cameron: “Ok. Let’s do it”

Ellen: “You and Justin broke-up, which was very sad and very depressing for a lot of us.”

Cameron: “I’m sorry. I know it hurt.”

Ellen: “So you must be friends…”

“Of course.”

Ellen: “I have not seen the pictures but everybody is saying at the premiere (Shrek the Third) that you and Justin saw each other and it was huge news that he came over and kissed you on the cheek and everybody went nuts…”

Cameron: “I love how people just expect when people break-up to hate each other but, you know the great thing is that Justin and I have lived extraordinary lives. We had a wonderful opportunity to live an extraordinary life together for a period of time and now we live an extraordinary not the same way together but we’re still in each other’s lives. When you care about somebody you just want them to be happy and that’s what we both are now.”

Ellen: “That’s great. So he’s happy and you’re happy.”

Cameron: “Yes, life is amazing there is nothing not to be happy about.”

Ellen: “I’m glad to hear that.”

Meanwhile, it looks like Cameron is already moving on. The actress accompanied her new love interest, magician Criss Angel, to a performance of The Beatles LOVE by Cirque du Soleil at The Mirage Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas on Monday.

The couple arrived at the theater, arms linked, and smiling from ear to ear. Criss drank Rum and Diet Coke while Cameron sipped white wine. Following the show, they went backstage to meet the cast and crew of LOVE, and left the theater shortly after to play roulette.


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