Wednesday, January 31, 2007
Lane Garrison's Bad Day Just Keeps Getting Worse
Source: TMZ
Readers may recall that back in early December there was a fatal car wreck involving Lane Garrison, a 26 year old actor most recently seen on Fox's 'Prison Break', as "Tweener." Garrison was driving the car, and his passengers were two 15 year old girls and a 17 year old boy. The 17 year old, Vahagn Setian, did not survive the crash.

The three teenagers had met Garrison hours before the crash, and had invited him to a party. While at the party, several witnesses reported to police that Garrison did several shots of vodka in a short period of time. Now, more witnesses have come forward to testify they saw him snort lines of cocaine just before he got into the car and drove away with the three passengers. Blood tests revealed that he had twice the legal limit of alcohol in his system at the time of the crash.

The Beverly Hills Police Department has recommended to the city attorney's office that Garrison be charged with gross vehicular manslaughter, a charge that carries a maximum 10 year prison sentence. He could also be charged with driving under the influence of alcohol, or cocaine, or both. The DUI can be prosecuted as a felony since there was injury involved. Adding insult to injury, the cops are also recommending he be charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

It looks like Lane Garrison might need his own set of buddies to stage a 'Prison Break.' Okay, that was a terrible joke. But I'm still laughing a little bit in my head.

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Teri Hatcher Cleans Out Sundance Swag Suites
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From: In Touch
Who made out the best with Sundance swag this year? The concensus is Teri Hatcher made out like a bandit, and so much free stuff that the private plane she flew home on was overloaded and had to dump a few passengers so it could take off.

Here's a rundown of her loot:

10 Mr. Men & Little Miss T's: $380
Alora Ambiance fragrance: $45
Le Mystere lingerie: $182
Earth Orbit boots: $139
10 pairs of 2(x)ist underwear: $240
Zissou & Spike apparel: $224
Lia Sopihia jewelry: $8,000
Orange Ever jacket: $500
Hanii Y jacket: $1,500
Thomas Wylde cashmere tank: $920
Karen Zambos dress: $360
Kai perfume oil: $50
Botkier Bianca purse: $595
Dermalogica products: $382
7 Lacoste stretch polos: $525
Kooba Natasha bag: $625
Robbie French belt: $250
8 bottles of Dermacia foundation: $384
Max Azria clothing: $2,350
2B Free clothing: $400
Girlie Designs tank tops: $150
Desert Essence products: $300
Macintosh laptop: $1,200
iMainGo iPod speakers: $69
Luxestar gift card: $5,000
Ya-Ya pants and sweater: $600
Zooey T-shirts: $200

Grand Total: $25,770

I want HER job!

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Tara Conner Will Not Pose for Playboy
Source: NY Daily News
Newly released rehab resident Miss USA, Tara Conner, has reportedly turned down $1 million to strip down for a Playboy cover. She and "The Donald" were in negotiations with the magazine, but decided not to go ahead with the deal. It would have been "Playboy-Lite", as Trump put it. Meaning that she would not have stripped fully, and the photo would have left much to the imagination.

A Playboy magazine source says that the magazine doesn't make offers nearly that big.

Sounds like there was a miscommunication somewhere?


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Who Forgot to Wax?
Free Image Hosting at

Click here to see who this is.
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Cameron Thinks She and JT are on a Break?
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In Touch reports in this week's issue that it looks like Justin told Cameron that their break up was a temporary thing. That's most likey what led to her blowing her top at the Golden Globes party when she saw him obviously with Jessica Biel. The article goes on to say that Cam had asked JT for a commitment after 4 years of dating, and he wasn't ready. She thought this was a couple of week thing, and then they would pick up where they left off.

Now it seems Justin is making up for lost time, and the sources describe him as "a kid in a candy store" with the ladies. He has been linked to several names since the break up, including Scarlett Johanssen, Jessica Biel, Alyssa Milano, and Sara Foster. "He loves the ladies, and the ladies love him.", the source says. I'll say!Sources told the mag that he had been flirting with other girls as far back as early December, but had remained faithful.

There are also a few who would like to get with JT, but he's not returning the love. Can you say Britney?

Well Cammie hasn't wasted any time picking up her own pieces. She has spent the last 2 weeks sunning and surfing with Kelly Slater, pro-surfer. She was this week spotted at the Beverly-Wilshire lunching with a Jake Gyllenhaal lookalike as well.

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Sharon Stone Talks Commando
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From In Touch
Sharon Stone sounds off on young Hollywood's recent penchant for pantyless crotch flashing:

"I was playing a part [in 'Basic Instinct], what's their excuse?"


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Love Refutes 'American Idol' Rumors
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Source: Tabloid Whore
Courtney Love wasted no time in responding to US Weekly's article saying that 'American Idol' producers had contacted her to guest on the judging panel. She says "This kerfuffle is NONSENSE." Yes, that's right, she said kerfuffle. Is that a word?

Anyway, here is the post from Love's website, hideous spelling included:

court said on 30 Jan 2007 at 7:47 pm
"This kerfuffle is NONSENSE, i said to a friend who obviously passed igt on the wrong way that it was awierdly brilliant PRANK CALL, if it was NOT a prank call i woul dnever ever do that, ive never watche dthat show except once with my daughter i went to the final night, I couldnt even get ON that show nor would i wantt o and no offense to anyone who has been on that show and wantsto be on that show- i have no interest at this point in my life, im interested in putting this record out- doing films and doiung rock shows this summer and being on the road, and thats what i shall do. US misrepresented and misquoted me and nothing i said was ever meant for any publication. I didnt kn ow it wa sgoing to be a big deal but then again ive been very busy and id ont exactly pay attention to pop culture and id ont read tabloids and idont have a google alert i find lofe fAr easier without those things, good reviews are great biut baqd ones suck and its best to nopt read them at all, i like how Ben Kingsley hasnt readhis own press in 2w0 some years, and i aspire to that- last time i read my press was a Brit piece that had me in bed for three dayus and is wor eoff reading my own press after that, of ocuerse i needmy publicist to tell me who to speak to and who nit to but my days of speaking directly to editors etc are behind me- i was followed by paparazzi all day today and have had to get armed security for the evening so we can have some privacy die to that dumb piece wich is ourt of prder an dout of context its TOTALLY RANDOM."

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Uma Thurman Might Quit Acting
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Source: PR Inside
Uma Thurman, star of 'Kill Bill: Volumes 1 and 2', is thinking about quitting the acting game and becoming a stay at home mom. However she has no plans to marry any time soon to her beau Andre Balasz.

Thurman has two kids by ex-hubby, Ethan Hawke.

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Witherspoon out, Beckinsale in for 'Whiteout'
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Source: Moviehole
A couple of years ago there was a bit of buzz about Reese Witherspoon being attached to a script called 'Whiteout'. The story is about the first ever murder taking place in Antarctica, and US Marshal Carrie Stetko has to find the murderer before the sun sets, or she will be trapped with him (or her) in the darkness for six months.

Now the movie is set to get going, however Reese's name is no longer on it. Now it's set to star Kate Beckinsale, who I think will be a little more convincing as a US Marshal.

Nothing against Reese, but she is a bit better in fluffier roles. I guess that is what they call being typecast.

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D-List Actress Chosen to Play Mrs. Smith
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Source: Moviehole
There has been lots of talk in the biz about who could possibly fill Angelina Jolie's shoes in the small screen version of 'Mr. and Mrs. Smith', and it seems they have found someone. Casting director Joseph Middleton has tapped Jordana Brewster, who has had a lackluster career thus far in such forgettable flicks as 'The Faculty', 'The Fast and the Furious', 'Annapolis', and 'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning'.

In my opinion, I don't think she has the oozing sexuality that Angie has in order to pull off this kind of role. She doesn't have that kind of charisma.

It remains to be seen who will take Brad Pitt's place as Mr. Smith. Hopefully they will find someone with a bit more oomph than Brewster.

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Eddie Murphy's a Hot Mess
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Photo: Bumpshack

Eddie Murphy makes for quite the hot piece in his upcoming film 'Norbit'.

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Possible Baby Shower Sponsors
As most of us know, Tori Spelling is pregnant. What is news is that her baby shower is going to be sponsored by Tupperware.

Is this the start of a new trend in Hollywood? Are expecting stars going to shop their baby bump around to the highest bidder for swag and publicity? If this is truly the wave of the future, let's take a little poll on who you all think would sponsor some fictitious baby showers.

Let's start with:

If Britney Spears were pregnant, then McDonald's and Underoos could co-sponsor the shower.

If Naomi Campbell were pregnant, then T-Mobile could sponsor the shower.

If Paula Abdul were pregnant, then AA could sponsor the shower.

Okay readers, you get the idea, and now it's your turn! Leave your ideas in the comments section.


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No Sex for Sienna!
TMZ reports sources have told them that Sienna is not sexually involved with Sean "P.Diddy" Combs, and she did not, in fact, have sex with Hayden Christensen during filming of the 'Factory Girl' sex scene.

Whew! This girl is working overtime trying to dodge the gossip bullets!

Rumors have been flying since photogs caught Diddy and Miller ducking into her hotel after a night of partying, and rumors have also surfaced that the sex scene in her film was a little "too real."

Her reps say that she is such a great actress that the scene just shows how convincing she can be. They go on to say that she and the new daddy are just good friends.

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A Few More Harry Potter Almost Nekkid Pics
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Is Brangelina's New House Haunted?
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From: Star magazine
The New Orleans home Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie purchased, a.k.a. 521 Governor Nichols mansion, was once Cosimo Matassas' recording studio in the 1950s.

According to Sydney Smith, the owner of Haunted History Tours New Orleans, "Brad and Angelina's house in New Orleans used to be the site of Cosimo Matassas recording studio in the 1950s', it was a big time studio all the musical greats of the time recorded there — Fats Domino, Little Richard, Professor Longhair, Allan Toussaint and a bunch others. It was as popular as Beale street in Memphis. The house is rumored to be haunted by the spirit of Professor Longhair."

I'm thinking all she has to do is give that ghost one of her icy glares, and he'll be tucking tail and yelping all the way back to ghostdom.

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Sienna Gets a Mouthful of Monkey Tongue
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Source: Star Pulse
Since apparently Sienna Miller has exhausted the supply of Hollywood men looking to score with a starlet, Sienna has moved on to another species: monkeys.

Okay, not really, but she did accidentally make out with a chimp on a photo shoot, and got herself a mouthful of French kissing monkey tongue. Good for the monkey! I say get some when you can!

Miller was posing with the chimp for an upcoming issue of Esquire magazine, and she tried to coax him into giving her a little monkey lovin' kiss on the lips.

She said: "To make the monkey respond, you're meant to blow at its mouth so it'll kiss you. But it stuck its tongue out! So, I sort of made out with a monkey!"

She goes on to tell how the monkey later was so excited it urinated on her back.

Do I see a nasty little Kim Kardashian sex tape scandal in Sienna's future?


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Posh is a Big Hypocrite, but We Knew That!
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Source: Star Pulse
Victoria Beckham is launching her new denim clothing line, and insists that it will only be promoted and shown by curvier models. She has banned size 0 models from walking her catwalk, though she is about a size 00, or smaller, herself.

A source tells British newspaper The Sun, "Victoria wants to give out a positive image that you don't have to be ultra skinny to look good. Many of the models on the catwalk make young girls feel insecure about their own bodies."

This coming from the woman who allegedly eats half a handful of almonds every other month.


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Kristin Veitch's Blind Item
From Kristin Veitch @ E!Online
The Head and the Dead:
Head Honcho is a big-time producer. Dead Debbie is a well-regarded actress. On Head's show, which we have talked about in this column, the death of Debbie's character was an emotional high point for the series. But what I didn't know was Deb's character wasn't killed off to serve the story. She was offed because she and the Head had something in common: They can't stand each other.


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Tuesday, January 30, 2007
This Week's Really Bad Celeb Fashion
Photos: In Case You Didn't Know

free image hosting
Mena Suvari w/ coat
free image hosting
Mena Suvari w/out coat
free image hosting
Christina Aguilera
free image hosting
Eva Mendes
free image hosting
Jennifer Garner
free image hosting
Sienna Miller
free image hosting
Parker Posey

Sometimes celebs just take a wrong turn in their closet when getting ready to go out. Other times they put their make-up on in the dark (Xtina??). This week we see all these girls, who normally look pretty well put together, illustrate "When Bad Fashion Happens to Good People."
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Katie Rees Gets a New Crown
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Photo: Celebrity Mound

Source: The Hot Report
De-throned Miss Nevada, Katie Rees, wears the only crown she will ever get close to again, when she was bestowed the title of Miss JET Las Vegas on Monday night.

Rees was stripped of her Miss Nevada title after some very raunchy photos of her surfaced on the internet. She is now ensconced in Las Vegas as the face for nightclubbing and partying, and is in talks to appear in Playboy.

Oh who isn't?! Well, Kelly Osbourne, I guess.


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Courtney Love Next American Idol Trainwreck?
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free image hosting

According to US Weekly, Courtney Love has confirmed that she has received a call from producers of American Idol asking if she would like to sit in at the judging table. Idol has a standing tradition of having guest judges sit in occasionally, the most recent being Jewel and Carol Bayer Sager.

Love declined to reveal any more details, but a source tells US that Idol is actually fishing for a replacement for Paula Abdul, and Love is under consideration.

What the hell?? Sure Paula has been a bit out of it lately, but why on earth would you replace her with someone who could just as easily show up to work with a needle stuck in her arm, if she shows up at all? On top of that, I'm not exactly sure that her new "surgically enhanced" face is camera friendly enough.

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Brandy Target of $50 million Lawsuit
I thought this might be coming, and in yesterday's Brandy posting I wrote that I thought it was a possibility the family of the deceased motorist might sue for wrongful death. Now it appears they are going ahead with a $50 million suit against the singer, according to TMZ. Lawyers for the family of the deceased claim, "Defendant Brandy Norwood was driving recklessly in the freeway when her car collided with Awatif Aboudihaj's car."

Charges from the Los Angeles County Attorney's office are still being considered and reviewed.


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Custody Settled for Britney's Kids
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According to the current issue of Life & Style, the custody issue of Britney and K-Feds kids has been decided. Despite all her cooch flashing, wild partying, barfing in cars, passing out in nightclubs, and merry-go-round of men, Britney has won full physical custoday of Sean Preston and Jayden James Spears-Federline.

K-Fed's bid to get $50 mil out of the deal was a no go, and he is having to settle for half of the sale of their Malibu mansion, worth $13.5 million, $500,000 cash, and the bling jewelry he collected during their marriage. In accordance with their iron-clad pre-nup, Fed_ex also has to return to Brit any gifts she gave him worth over 10 grand, should she ask for their return. Bye bye, $225,000 Ferrari!

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Tyra Banks: Publicity Hound or Put Upon?
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Source: Contact Music
Tyra Banks, retired model/talk show host/reality show maven, is currently riding the wave of free publicity generated by some magazines calling her fat recently. She is on this week's cover of People magazine, and currently making the rounds to anyone who will put her on the air to talk about herself a little more.

Most recently Banks was seen on Larry King talking about how she once considered having breast reduction surgery, but decided against it in case the procedure left her with some scars. She goes on to say that her breasts were much larger than what was considered the norm for the modeling industry at the time, and she was forced to tape them down in many instances. She was also jealous of the mallrats that ran around in tanktops with no bra, because they didn't need one.

Tyra has also been a target in the past for people who accused her of having had breast augmentation, and has gone so far to disprove her naysayers by having x-rays done and a doctor examine her breasts live on her talkshow.

I hate to see what any other criticism of Banks could bring our way. I hope no one ever accuses her of being a tranny! We could be treated to a public viewing of her cooch on national TV to prove us wrong!


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'Police' to Open Grammy's
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Source: Contact Music
The Police, with Sting, Stewart Copeland and Andy Summers, are reuniting in time to open at the Grammy Awards. The band last performed together four years ago, but has never officially disbanded. All three members have pursued successful solo careers, marked with many awards for each.

The band joins a list of great performers also taking the Grammy stage, including Christina Aguilera, Beyoncé, Mary J Blige, John Legend and Gnarls Barkley.

The Police are coming up on their 30'th anniversary together, since they were formed in the UK back in the 1980's.


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Cameron's Hawaiian Adventure Goes On....and On
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Photo: Fame via

Cameron Diaz begins week two of her Hawaiian getaway, once again making sure the photogs catch her happy-go-lucky smile.

"I'm happy, and JT is the last last LAST thing on my mind, 'cause I'm smiling, dammit!"

Okay, I made that last part up, but that's what I think.

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Paris & Nicole Catch Up
Image Removed

Photo: PacificCoastNews Via

Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie leave Mr. Chow's after dinner together last night. I LOVE Nicole's cute dress! And Paris is unusually under-wraps and demure in jeans and sweater.

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Paris Hilton Wants to Change her Image
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Source: New York Daily News
After the debacle that was, Paris Hilton's friend, designer Tara Subkoff, suggested to the professional airhead that she use her name to do good. Paris apparently thought that was a bang-up plan, and is now shopping around looking for a good cause to support.

I could suggest one: Actresses Without Panties. She could donate money to make sure that each and every starlet and pop-tart that appears in public has access to a myriad assortment of undies, and then wears them.


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Jamie-Lynn Sigler's Man's a Hound Dog
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Janet Charlton reported today on Jamie-Lynn Sigler's man, Scott Sartiano, and how he majorly dissed her at Sundance.

According to Charlton's Sundance spy, the two were leaving the 'American Eagle' party when Sartiano spotted a knock out busty blonde on her way inside. The source described her as an Eva Mendes double. He stopped dead to ogle the woman, and Jamie-Lynn tried to pull him to the door. He said "Let's stay a while.", and refused to move. The two caused quite a scene, as Jamie-Lynn got more and more pissed, and she finally managed to drag his sorry ass out of there. Unfortunately not before she was publicly embarassed in front of a whloe lot of people.

Sartiano is a New York nightclub boss, and has been previously linked to both Ashley Olsen and Lindsay Lohan. We think Jamie-Lynn can do better.


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Bam Margera's 'Unholy Union'
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Source: Star Pulse
The former 'Jackass', Bam Margera, is joining the ranks of celebs wed on TV, tonight on MTV in 'Bam's Unholy Union'. He is marrying Missy Rothstein, who he describes as "a Pennsylvania girl who has no desire to be an actor." He thinks that that may be the difference between his marriage and so many others that have gone the Hollywood route, and ended in divorce.

He tells the New York Daily News, "When a celebrity and another celebrity try to make it work, it usually winds up in a divorce because they're too busy doing their own thing.

"Not to mention their 'thing' consists of frenching other people in movies. I don't care if you're an actor, people get jealous."

Hopefully the Margera's won't fall victim to "the reality show curse," which many believe was the cause of failed unions such as Nick and Jessica, Travis and Shanna, all of 'The Bachelor' couples, and Dave and Carmen, just to name a few.


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Malibu Exodus: Star's Homes For Sale
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Source: Star Pulse
After Suzanne Somers' Malibu home burned down recently, some stars are voicing concerns that the same thing could happen to them. Courteney Cox and David Arquette recently spoke of their fears, and then put their sprawling Malibu mansion up for grabs for a mere $33.5 million. They stand to make close to $20 million if successful in unloading the 4 bedroom house, that comes with it's own beach.

Britney Spears has also put her Malibu home up for sale, but her reasoning is a little bit more mundane: divorce.

You can live in Brit's old digs for a paltry $13.5 mil. Bids anyone?

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Brit's Boy Toy Buys Her What She Really Needs
Britney's man-of-the-moment, model Isaac Cohen, was spotted at La Bra buying a Valentine's Day present for his gal. What makes this so special is that he knows what she really needs; he was purchasing undies. Seven whole pairs of them!

For the girl who has everything, Isaac figured out the one thing she could really use, perhaps because she just didn't own enough undies, hence the cooch flashing incidents. He bought her one pair for each day of the week, so Brit has no more excuses if she's caught "bein' breezy."

Good job, Isaac!


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Wahlberg and Johannson are NOT a Couple
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Photo: E!Online

Imagine my surprise when I clicked to Planet Gossip last night, and there is Marc Malkin screaming to the Heavens that Wahlberg and Johannson ARE NOT a couple. What?

Have I been sleeping? Too busy looking at naked Harry Potter pictures? Slow on the uptake?

Apparently a couple of picturs of Scarlett and Marky Mark surfaced over the weekend (which I missed) of the two of them doing lunch. Johansson's rep burned up the phone wires to get the word out that "It's just business!" "A meeting for a potential project."

Phew! My life can go on now.

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Tara Conner Wears a Cute Little Leash
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Source: Page Six
Conflicting stories surround the newly rehab released Miss USA, Tara Conner, over whether or not she has had her proverbial post-rehab leash shortened by The Donald. Conner has been moved out of her Trump Tower digs, and is now in a larger apartment further uptown, but she shares it with a chaperone who accompanies her everywhere.

"She is not allowed to go to clubs anymore," dished a super-in-the-know spy, "and she has a lot of new rules for going out." A spokesperson for Miss USA said, "Plans to move to a bigger apartment with a chaperone have been in the works for months, and Tara is free to go wherever she wants."

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Monday, January 29, 2007
Harry Potter's Naked
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free image hosting

free image hosting

Source & photos: HPANA

Daniel Radcliffe, best known as Harry Potter, is taking is clothes off for the British West End theater production of 'Equus'. Pictured above are promotional stills that feature Radcliffe with his co-star Joanna Christie, and one with a horse.

Producer David Pugh says of Daniel:

"There was no hesitancy about taking off his clothes.

He has a confidence in his own appearance. With the performances that I've witnessed, when that boy takes his shirt off, Harry Potter has flown out of Hogwarts for good."

Peter Shaffer was inspired to write this play when he heard of a crime involving a teenage boy's apparently senseless injury to horses. He then set out to construct a fictional account of what might have caused the incident, without knowing any of the details of the crime. The play is posited as a kind of postmodern detective story.

The boy, who worked part-time in the stables where the attack occurred, would take a certain horse out for occasional night rides. Those jaunts functioned as the set piece for an elaborate ritual of exaltation constructed by his anguished psyche.

Is it wrong to be oddly turned on by the photos of this kid we all watched grow from pre-pubescence? I feel like I need a shower.


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Demi's Healthy Outlook on Being Thin in Hollywood
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Source: USA Today
Demi Moore looked radiant, young, and, yes, very thin on the red carpet at the SAG Awards last night. In this month's Vanity Fair, she says "Thinness can't buy you happiness.", an attitude she has instilled in her three teenage daughters. She goes on to say that the three girls have very different body types, ranging from long and lean to voluptuous and busty. "I just try to encourage them to find the beauty in who they are and what they have, as opposed to focusing on what they're not." Moore says.

If Moore teaches them one thing, she wants it to be: "I want them to know that being thin does not equate to happiness."


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K-Fed's Got a New Career?
free image hosting

Source: Star magazine

Nationwide Insurance is singing the praises of Kevin Federline after shooting the Superbowl spot for the "Life Comes at you Fast" series. Reps for Nationwide say K-Fed acted "like a real pro" during the filming, and came across as funny and sexy.

They went on to say that as a result of this commercial, America hopefully will see the ex-Mr. Spears in a whole new light, and "Maybe it will also lead to a renewed interest in K-Fed's rap career. If not, it could open new doors. According to Nationwide's Steven Schreibman, "He was really great with the fry machine!"

Click here to see K-Fed's commercial debut.


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John & Jess are Going to the Prom!'s!
free image hosting

According to Star magazine, Jessica Simpson is officially going to be John Mayer's date for the Grammy's on February 11th.

Do you think he pinned her and they're really going steady now too?


Since when does who's going with whom to the Grammy's, or to ANY awards show for that matter, get announced? And why does anyone care? I watch the shows for the clothes and pretty people, who won and who lost. Not who the hell they got out of the car with.

Yes, I am a Gossip Junkie, but I guess one must draw a line in the sand somewhere.

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Birkhead Speaks Out About Anna Nicole
free image hosting

Source: Contact Music

Anna Nicole Smith's ex-boyfriend, paparrazo Larry Birkhead, is going public with some very intimate details about their personal life together. Specifically, he is talking about his past efforts to separate her form her lawyer/"spiritual partner"/maybe baby daddy, Howard K. Stern. According to Birkhead, he had to persuade Anna Nicole to lock Stern out of the house because he would walk in interrupting sex between the two.

Birkhead explains, "Most of the time that I was in the home with her, when we lived together, we would have to basically lock doors to the bedroom. "He (Stern) would try to come in and she'd have to tell him at certain points to call before he came back."

Birkhead also accuses Stern of trying to emotionally blackmail Smith into dumping the photographer. He adds, "One time in particular, while she was pregnant, I had to basically rescue her at a hotel because Howard gave her so much grief about me being the father and saying that he was never going to accept me. He told her to make a choice - him or me. She called me crying hysterically, and she drove herself barefoot to a hotel down the street and I had to basically help her."

Smith and Birkhead are currently locked in a pending court battle to determine paternity to her baby girl, DannieLynn. Stern claimed paternity on the birth certificate, and he and Smith were joined in a non-legally binding marriage ceremony in the Bahamas. The ceremony took place scant days after the body of Smith's son, Daniel, was found in her hospital room after she gave birth to his half-sister.

As well as the ongoing paternity battle, the Bahamian police are conducting an inquest into the cause of death, and investigating what role Stern may have had in it. There are possible allegations, and a witness will testify, that Stern may have given Daniel methadone and then tried to flush the remainder down the toilet.

There was a lethal combination of three drugs in the 20 year old's system, including multiple antidepressants and methadone.

Sounds like a bad year for all involved, and a worse one for Howard if they pin something on him in relation to Daniel's death. He can also face charges for fraud if it's proven that he knowingly signed his name to the birth certificate without being the father. Yikes!


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Rachel McAdams to Take Over Holmes 'Batman' Role?
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Source: Contact Music
It seems that the adorable Rachel McAdams is number one on the list to take over the role of Rachel Dawes, opposite Christian Bale in 'The Dark Knight. According to insider website, McAdams is in negotiations to join the all-star cast, which so far includes Heath Ledger, Morgan Freeman, Bale, Gary Oldman, And Michael Caine.

Factoid: Rachel co-starred with Cillian Murphy in 'Red Eye', and Murphy was the arch-villain in 'Batman Begins.'

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Whorebag Sienna Strikes Again
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Photo: TMZ Video still
For someone who complains that she isn't taken seriously as an actress, and doesn't like that she became famous as a bed-hopping whorebag, Sienna Miller really has alot to learn about keeping it on the down-low.

After getting caught getting cozy with P. Diddy at Tao in Sundance, yesterday morning TMZ cameras caught Sienna being dropped off at her NYC hotel by none other than Diddy himself. They were rumored to have been out partying all night, which, in my opinion, is a little shady for the daddy of brand new twin babies.

When Diddy spotted the cameras across the street, a bodyguard was sent over to the photographer and asked him to delete the footage. Obviously no dice.

I wonder what Kim Porter thinks about all the new rumors swirling around her baby(ies) daddy?

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Brandy Should Be Prosecuted
Photo from Brandy's crash

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Photo: Splash News Via TMZ

TMZ reports that the California Highway Patrol is recommending that R & B singer Brandy be prosecuted for her role in the December 2006 traffic accident that resulted in the death of the driver of another car.

The charges recommended by CHP would be misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter, as a result of Brandy's negligence, which is different than gross negligence. If found guilty she could face a possible sentence of one year in jail and a $1000 fine.

The case is being turned over to the Los Angeles city attorney's office for review.

Sidenote: If the family of the victim is inclined to file a civil suit for wrongful death against Brandy, it could conceivably result in a major monetary judgement, if she were to be found guilty.

Photos from the accident scene are available at TMZ.


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Katie Can't Find Work
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A UK paper, The Daily Mail, says that the Bride of Cruisenstein is having a bit of trouble getting her acting career back on track since getting married and birthing the "Spawn of Thetan."

Hubby's outspoken views, couch-jumping antics, habits of alienating power-players in Hollywood, and her own recent conversion to Scientology really aren't helping her cause.

Holmes has asked her agent to re-launch her career, but "Studios may be gun-shy of her new status as a tabloid fixture," one movie insider told the Wall Street Journal yesterday. "And her expectations may be raised as the new Mrs. Cruise. Stars of much bigger stature, including Meg Ryan and Demi Moore, have found it tough to regain their momentum after taking time off."

Case in point, Katie is not appearing in the sequel to 'Batman Begins', in spite of having a role in the first film, and is taking just under a $2 million pay cut to co-star in a comedy caper with Queen Latifah instead.

Reps for Holmes cite scheduling conflicts as the reason for bowing out of 'The Dark Knight', but other rumors abound that she was not asked to return. The Cruises' beliefs are deemed a potential box-office liability, and could ultimately hurt the bottom line of the profits.

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Brit's Too 'Toxic' for Justin
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TMZ reports that Britney has been a busy bee doing a few things lately. Number one is hitting the recording studio, which is a good thing. Two is hitting the Mickey D's drive-through, which is a not-so-good thing. Three is hitting the phone lines trying to reach Justin Timberlake. What??

Sources tell TMZ that Britney has been trying to phone former flame JT, but he's not taking her calls -- and, as TMZ recently reported, JT isn't keen on any love rematch. We're also told that when JT's ex, Cameron Diaz, got wind of the calls, she didn't like it one bit -- and has tried to get through to Britney's people to ask her to stop calling her old boy.

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'Epic' Weekend at the Box Office
From USA Today

Weekend of January 26-28, 2007:
1) 'Epic Movie' $19.2 million
2) 'Smokin' Aces' $14.262 million
3) 'Night At The Museum' $9.45 million
4) 'Catch And Release' $8 million
5) 'Stomp The Yard' $7.8 million
6) 'Dreamgirls' $6.6 million
7) 'Pursuit of Happyness' $5 million
8) 'Pan's Labyrinth' $4.5 million
9) 'The Queen' $4 million
10) 'The Hitcher' $3.6 million
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Former Miss Brazil is Missing
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From FOX News
Police said this weekend they weren't discarding the possibility that human trafficking played a role in the disappearance of a former Miss Brazil who hasn't contacted her family since September.

Taiza Thomsen, 24, represented Brazil at the 2003 Miss Universe pageant in Panama. The last time she spoke to her parents, she said she was in London.

"At this moment we can't rule out anything, not even the possibility she was a victim of human trafficking," police investigator Marcos David Salem told Brazilian TV.

Police began investigating the case Friday, after Thomsen's family reported her missing the previous day. Police said they had no leads.

Thomsen's family has said that in some of their conversations before she went missing, she left them with the feeling that she was being threatened. The family did not elaborate.

According to some of her friends, Thomsen had worked briefly in Belgium and there was a possibility she was still there, media reported.

A friend said Saturday that she talked to Thomsen over the phone about three months ago, Brazil's RBS TV reported. The friend, who was not identified, said Thomsen was planning to marry a Polish man she met in England. The friend also said Thomsen was not talking to her parents because she fought with them, RBS said.

Following her time as Miss Brazil, Thomsen moved to Sao Paulo in 2005 from her hometown of Joinville, 250 miles south of Sao Paulo. She said at the time she would work as a model.

A journalism student with bright blue eyes and long dark hair, Thomsen inherited the title of Miss Brazil in 2002 when titleholder Joseane Oliveira acknowledged being married and was stripped of her crown.


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