Friday, November 30, 2007
Kirsten Dunst is New Face of Miu Miu

And here's a sneak peak at the new Spring campaign! Just kidding. Congrats to Kirsten.


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Paris's Image Rehab Not Going So Well

Paris Hilton has been working overtime trying to convince the world that she is a different, more responsible, person since serving her time in jail. Unfortunately, the big changes haven't lasted too long, according to Janet Charlton.

Paris Hilton was hired to do a photo layout for German Vanity Fair last week and we got inside scoop on how the shoot went. It took place in a luxurious private home in LA. She was scheduled to be shot at 9 AM with a group of kids, but Paris showed up 45 minutes late and insisted on sleeping in her car for 45 more minutes before walking in, carrying her dog, wearing her bathrobe and slippers. She insisted on smoking pot ALL day and the homeowner had to request that she do it in the yard, NOT in the house. The bedroom that served as Paris's dressing room was covered with blankets to protect the carpet and bed. "She was really in a daze and didn't communicate with anyone - not even the photographer who had worked with her before." When Paris left, the room she had used was a mess. The blankets were cast aside and there were blonde hair extensions all over the carpet, food spilled everywhere, rings on the tables, and her dog peed on the bed!

Sounds like the Paris we know and love to me!


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No Buyers for Lohan's Staged Turkey Day Pics

Ah Lindsay. Poor little rich girl. It seems La Lohan has been trying to unload a set of staged photos of herself, the borefriend, and the family from "Thanksgiving", in order to make a buck. Originally the set was priced in the six-figures, but there were no takers, so Linds dropped the price to 20 grand. Several celebrity magazines turned down the offer of the pics because they know Linds is no longer the big star she thinks she is, and photos of her just aren't the big draw they used to be. Hence the tipping off of paparazzi to her every whereabouts these days carrying out ho-hum activities like shopping and the like.

Lindsay, a little advice: Nobody really gives a rip anymore! Go back to making your mediocre tween flicks for the money, and quit phoning the paps every time you pick your nose. We don't need to see it.


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Looking Good, Britney!

Boys, don't ya' just wanna hit that??


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Louboutin Designing Toddler Shoes for Cruise?

So, allegedly, regular toddler shoes just aren't good enough for Scientolobaby Suri Cruise, and stupid-rich parents Tom and Katie have commissioned Christian Louboutin to design a pair of shoes for her.

According to Contact Music, Louboutin has taken a mold of Suri's feet and is custom designing a pair of booties.

Obviously being rich does not equal being smart. One would think that instead of spending money on something as frivolous as custom baby designer shoes, perhaps they could find a more useful place to spend that money, say like, in a third world country where kids are starving to death or murdered daily.

Perhaps Scientologists aren't allowed to give money to places other than the Scientolo-coffers?

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Tara Reid's Next Big Gig

Tara Reid, the trashtastic mess vying with Britney Spears as "Biggest Hollywood Disappointment", got a new gig. This time our little plastically enhanced "actress" is going all the way to Australia to host....wait for it.....The Hookers Ball.

How appropriate.

Anywhoo, not only will she be performing hostess duties, whatever those may be, but she will also be in a wet t-shirt contest. That little debacle will put on display her surgically altered Frankenboobies that the rest of the world has already seen, and blinded themselves as a result, but apparently Australians either haven't seen them yet, or just don't get enough masochistic punishment in other ways.

[Darwin's Discovery] nightclub's hospitality manager Guy Dunne said, "It's a night like [America's] 'pimps and prostitutes' or sleaze balls, and it's just a night of less is best. We thought Tara Reid would be a great choice - it's a very naughty night and an opportunity to put your inhibitions down."

"It's something our promotions team worked very hard for and we just managed to secure her in the last week. I believe Tara Reid and her people were very enthusiastic to come here."

An advertisement for the party promises "bondage beds, fantasy, latex, porn stars and erotic dancers" - all for $25, but embarrassingly spells 'American' wrong in the title of Tara's most famous film.

Reid follows in the ever illustrious hosting footsteps of other has-been's like various Big Brother Australia contestants and some obscure business woman named Bessie Bardot.

It looks like our recently "reformed party girl" is definitely getting back on track with her career choices. Next, we should see her at the ribbon cutting of the corner adult video superstore in a town near you!



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Wednesday, November 28, 2007
Helio Castroneves Races Away With DWTS Trophy

Super-cute 'Dancing' couple Helio Castroneves and Julianne Hough quickstepped their way to first place last night, beating out Mel and Max for second, and Marie and Jonathan in third. Julianne was so overwhelmed at the end of their last dance together that she grabbed Helio's face and planted a huge lo-o-o-ng kiss on him. Long enough and noticeable enough that it was commented on by host Tom bergeron.

In related news, Helio and longtime girlfriend Aliette Vasquez have broken off their relationship, and the public is assured by reps that it had nothing to do with hottie Julianne.


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Monday, November 26, 2007
Hayden Panettiere Shows Off in GQ

Hayden Panettiere appears in next months GQ Magazine, and if you can tear your eyes away from the photos long enough, there's actually an accompanying interview that goes along with them.


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Dennis Rodman Needs to Keep His Hands to Himself

Apparently former NBA baller and current cross-dresser Dennis Rodman missed the day in kindergarten where the kids learned how to keep their hands to themselves. Rodman is being sued by a former Las Vegas bar manager for alleged lewd behavior, followed by slapping her bottom with his open hand when she tried to get away.

Sara Robinson, a former bar manager at the Hard Rock Hotel, has filed a lawsuit against the sportsman over a March 2006 incident, claiming he slapped her on the bottom and rubbed himself against her at the resort.

The lawsuit alleges, "As Robinson stepped around the bar, Rodman grabbed her, pulled her towards him and rubbed his body against hers.

"Robinson tried to get free from Rodman's grasp, at which time he assaulted her by reaching down and slapping her open-handed on the bottom."

The complaint, which seeks unspecified damages, also claims Robinson was fired unfairly by the Hard Rock chain after filing a statement detailing Rodman's actions following a separate incident at the same venue in April 2006, in which he is accused of 'causing a scene'.

Rodman has been accused, in a separate incident from September if this year, of smacking the bottom of yet another bar employee, this time in Los Angeles. That incident is currently under investigation by police.

Girls, I hear he's available. Form the line to the left, please.



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Friday, November 23, 2007
Spice in the City?

Apparently Victoria Beckham has been approached relentlessly by producers of the 'Sex and the City' film about doing a guest appearance. The problem has been the Spice Girls tour, which interferes with filming the spot.

Posh says: "I got asked to be in the Sex And The City film, which I would have loved to have done, but because I am in full-on Spice Girls rehearsal mode, unfortunately, I can't do it right now."

But sources say movie bosses won't take no for an answer, and are so keen to have Vic on board they're trying frantically to fit her into their filming schedule.

She's due to speak to producers again in the new year after the Spice Girls tour is over.

A on-set source says: "Victoria Beckham is probably one of the biggest fashion icons in the world, so it makes sense to have her in the Sex And The City movie. The show is all about stylish, powerful women, so Vic will be a natural star."

Movie bosses want Posh, 33, to play herself in the much anticipated movie - just like she did in Ugly Betty when she starred as Willamena Slater's celeb bridesmaid.

The plan is to shoot a big party scene with Carrie Bradshaw and the other girls - Samantha Jones, Charlotte York and Miranda Hobbs - out on the town in New York with Victoria.

The aim is to get as many big names as possible involved in the film in order to draw a bigger audience. Jennifer Hudson already has a part as Carrie's assistant.


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'The Bachelor' Curse Continues

Just a couple of days after appearing on 'The Bachelor' after show, and proclaiming their love for each other, former 'Bachelor' Byron Velvick's gal, Mary Delgado, punched him in the face and got arrested.

Delgado, who was picked up by police in Tampa, Florida in the early hours of Wednesday (21Nov07) morning, stands accused of punching Velvick in the face and cutting his lip while under the influence of alcohol. She has been charged with domestic battery and was released from police custody on Wednesday afternoon.

The two "lovebirds" have been living together in Tampa for the last three years, and had just announced their impending marriage on ABC on Tuesday night.



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Jen Aniston Attends Her 20 Year Reunion

How would you like to be attending your 20 year high school reunion, probably overweight, you haven't made that much money, and you couldn't find a date to bring. Then Jennifer Aniston walks in looking, well, like she does.

The "Friends" star joined her old classmates at Manhattan's Rudolf Steiner School for an evening of reminiscing, 20 years after graduating.

A source told the New York Post newspaper, "Jennifer was really happy to see everybody. She didn't play the star and was genuinely interested in finding out how everyone else's lives had turned out."

The 38-year-old actress enrolled at the private academy - which encourages pupils to use their imagination and coordinate teaching around practical, artistic, and intellectual elements and the "natural rhythms of everyday life" - at the age of 11 and graduated aged 18 in 1987.

It is believed Jennifer was voted "most likely to grace a magazine cover" by her classmates when she graduated.

The good news is, it sounds like these days Jen is having just as hard of a time finding a date as you probably are. So I guess it all sort of evens out in the end.



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Hulk and Wife Calling it Quits

After more than a year of rumors dogging the Hulkster and wife, Linda, regarding the status of their marriage, divorce papers have been filed.

TMZ has obtained a document from the Pinellas County Court website which states that Hulk Hogan's wife has filed for divorce.

According to the document, Linda Marie Bollea (Linda's married name) filed for divorce on Tuesday, November 20 against Terry Gene Bollea (the Hulk's legal name).

The document we have does not state the reason for the divorce. The news first appeared on WTVT, the FOX affiliate in Tampa Bay, Fla.



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Thursday, November 22, 2007
Have a Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!

Black November A Turkey's Lament

When I was a young turkey, new to the coop,

My big brother Mike took me out on the stoop,

Then he sat me down, and he spoke real slow,

And he told me there was something that I had to know;

His look and his tone I will always remember,

When he told me of the horrors of ..... Black November;

"Come about August, now listen to me,

Each day you'll be thick, where once you were thin,

And you'll grow a big rubbery thing under your chin.

"And then one morning, when you're warm in your bed,

In'll burst the farmer's wife, and hack off your head;

"Then she'll pluck out all your feathers so you're bald'n pink,

And scoop out all your insides and leave ya lyin' in the sink,

"And then comes the worst part" he said not bluffing,

"She'll spread your cheeks and pack your rear with stuffing".

Well, the rest of his words were too grim to repeat,

I sat on the stoop like a winged piece of meat,

And decided on the spot that to avoid being cooked,

I'd have to lay low and remain overlooked;

I began a new diet of nuts and granola,

High-roughage salads, juice and diet cola,

And as they ate pastries, chocolates and crepes,

I stayed in my room doing Jane Fonda tapes,

I maintained my weight of two pounds and a half,

And tried not to notice when the bigger birds laughed;

But 'twas I who was laughing, under my breath,

As they chomped and they chewed, ever closer to death;

And sure enough when Black November rolled around,

I was the last turkey left in the entire compound;

So now I'm a pet in the farmer's wife's lap;

I haven't a worry, so I eat and I nap,

She held me today, while sewing and humming,

And smiled at me and said "Christmas is coming........"

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'Borat' Debuts Baby Cohen

Sacha Baron Cohen and baby mama Isla Fisher were out and about in Beverly Hills with their brand new bundle, Olive. The couple posed for paps as they left the Four Seasons Hotel, and Isla had a few things to say regarding their future plans.

"At the moment I am not even planning any work. As far as I am concerned I am fully booked up in my personal life and I cannot see beyond that."

"I plan on just colouring in books. I'll focus on that for the next few years."

The couple has settled in LA for now, and plan on hanging out with the likes of friends Naomi Watts, Courteney Cox Arquette, and Jennifer Aniston.


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Pitt Walks From 'State of Play'

The film project 'State of Play' was due to begin filming on November 15th, but star Brad Pitt quit the same week of script concerns.

The Fight Club star was due to reunite with Edward Norton in the drama directed by Last King of Scotland helmer Kevin Macdonald, with Dame Helen Mirren, Rachel McAdams, Jason Bateman and Robin Wright Penn also to feature.

But while Pitt's interest in the project was piqued by Matthew Michael Carnahan's adaptation of Paul Abbott's UK mini-series, the Hollywood Reporter claims numerous rewrites have left the actor unhappy with the completed script.

And Universal Studios have confirmed Pitt's exit in a statement: "Brad Pitt has left the Universal Pictures production of State of Play. We remain committed to this project and to the filmmakers, cast members, crew and others who are also involved in making the movie."

Actors in contention to replace Pitt are Tom Hanks and Johnny Depp, who became available because the writers strike has postponed production on their projects as well.


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Convicted Rapist Insists He is Naomi Campbell's Dad

Naomi Campbell's mother Valerie Morris has vehemently denied claims from a convicted rapist that he is the supermodel's biological father. Errol Campbell, 56, who has served a prison sentence for rape, is convinced he is dad to the British catwalk queen - despite strenuous denials from Campbell's camp. He says, "I'll do DNA tests, anything to be with Naomi. All I want is to be part of her life and for Naomi to acknowledge me before I go to my grave." But a representative for Morris, who left the name of her daughter's father blank on her birth certificate, has denied Errol's claims, insisting the facts he has given about their alleged relationship are inaccurate. The spokesperson says, "She has never admitted who Naomi's father is. She was with the father for a maximum two years, not 10 like Mr Campbell states. Two months after the birth she raised her daughter on her own and acted as both mother and father. She says his claims to be Naomi's dad are completely untrue." A spokesman for Campbell adds, "She's aware of the story but declines to comment



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Wednesday, November 21, 2007
Tom Cruise is a Fat, Balding Studio Exec.....

Oh wait. That's just a character he's playing, in secret, in the film 'Tropic Thunder'. Apparently it's not a secret anymore, as the photos of Cruise in his costume got leaked onto the internet this week, and he's pi***d.

The star is currently filming Ben Stiller comedy Tropic Thunder alongside wife Katie Holmes and Jack Black - and is reported to be considering legal action over the shots. In a statement, representatives for Cruise said, "Mr. Cruise's appearance was supposed to be a surprise for his fans worldwide. (Paparazzi) have ruined what should have been a fun discovery for moviegoers."

Earlier reports suggested that Cruise was PO'ed at the leak because the film is outside the fold of United Artists, and he didn't want anyone to know he had staryed from his new company.

Above is the only sample photo I could find, and I'm not even sure if I'm allowed to post it. Enjoy it while you can!

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Tuesday, November 20, 2007
'Superman' Getting Hitched

'Superman Returns' star Brandon Routh is getting ready to take all those gay-for-pay rumors by the horns, and is hitching up to his longtime fiancee, Courtney Ford. The nuptials will take place this Saturday at the Santa Barbara ranch of 'Superman' producer Jon Peters.

Expected guests include Kate Bosworth, Kevin Spacey, Winona Ryder, Mickey Rourke, Ashley Olsen, Warner Bros. President Alan Horn and Director Bryan Singer. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has reportedly closed the airspace around the ranch. A rep for Routh confirmed the wedding.

It's nice to have a super-celeb-friendly governor who will do things like that for your wedding.


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Unprecedented 'Bachelor' Move: Rejects Last Girls Standing

Well, 'The Bachelor' finale has come and gone, and two bachelorettes are left to scratch their heads in horror and disbelief. 'Bachelor' Brad Womack went to the trouble of going out and buying an engagement ring, only to end up rejecting both ladies and sending them packing. This, after both professed their love for him, and he was unable to return the sentiment.

Both girls were more disappointed that he picked neither than that they themselves weren't chosen.

In related gossip, the rumor mills are working overtime with the possibility that Brad's ex-girlfriend not only got in touch with him during the show and the two were dating during taping, AND, allegedly, she is also now expecting his baby, supposedly due fairly soon.

Oh, will the drama never end? Apparently not, because tonight Womack is on the hotseat in an ABC follow-up special, and both jilted ladies get to ask some tough questions. I hope the ex-girlfriend shows up with her big old belly, and really gets the drama going into overdrive. Yippee-ki-yay, m*****f*****!!


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Monday, November 19, 2007
Keira Knightley: Target of Worldwide Media Scheme?

Perhaps Keira Knightley isn't anorexic at all. Perhaps she is, in reality, a big tub of lard and is just part of a grand scheme of media everywhere to make her look sickly thin. Perhaps in this photo we will find that her head has just been Photoshopped onto the much too small body of a pre-pubescent child in an effort to make her appear smaller than she really is.

I say free Keira from the media cloak of anorexia and let her show all those jiggly pieces that have been hidden from us!


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Meet Mariah Carey at Macy's in Glendale!

Official press release:
Mariah is going to be launching her fragrance, M by Mariah Carey, on the West Coast! She will be at Macy's at the Glendale Galleria on Tuesday, November 20th. Fans will have the exclusive opportunity to meet Mariah and receive an autograph with the purchase of a special edition fragrance package for $90.50. This gorgeous fragrance package will include a 3.3 oz. EDP parfum spray, a 6.8 oz body lotion and a luxurious parfum replica complete with an elegant dabber.

Come out and see your favorite superstar!!

Store location and opening hours:

Macy's Glendale Galleria
2100 Colorado Blvd.
Glendale , CA 91210

Tuesday opening hours: 10:00AM - 9:00PM


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Friday, November 16, 2007
Heidi Klum Opts for Butt Cleavage

Personally, I don't care if you are a supermodel, or how hot you are, I just have an issue with anyone's mom going out to a public appearance viewed by millions, with your ass hanging out for all to see. Also not hot is the bizarrely multi-colored tiger striped sequin dress she is barely wearing. MILF or not, Heidi Klum needs to hire a new stylist with more taste and class.

By the way, this was for a Victoria's Secret fashion show.


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WTF Happened to Natalie Portman's Face?

If I hadn't already seen multiple pictures of Natalie Portman wearing this questionable dress at a TRL appearance, I would have thought that this was Madonna, not quite at her best. Now I see why Natalie always appears carefully posed for the camera, with a very small close-lipped, Mona Lisa-esque smile on her puss. She isn't quite as photogenic in those action shots, is she?


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Dita Von Teese at Seventh On Sale

Dita von Teese attended the Seventh On Sale Gala, and at first glance she really reminds me of 'Gone With the Wind's' Scarlett O'Hara wearing Tara's drapes as her dress. All in all, Dita looks gorgeous, but in my mind I keep picturing her tearing down the drapes in her home, wrapping them around herself and twirling in front of the mirror, and screaming "I'm going to Atlanta for that three hundred dollars, and I've got to go looking like a queen!"


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Caption This Kristen Bell Photo

Leave your comments below, people!


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Dr. Phil Hit By a Truck: It's a Great Day After All!

Dr. Phil, the pontificating blowhard who tries to tell everyone what to do and is supremely annoying while doing it, got hit by a truck. Unfortunately he survived.

TV self-help guru Dr. Phil McGraw was hit by a truck while he was chatting to fans, by phone, on a syndicated radio show. Dr. Phil was a guest on DJ Kidd Kraddick's show on Wednesday when he was "sideswiped by some truck."

Speaking about the accident on Thursday, McGraw joked, "I'm fine... He stopped and of course he got out of the car and he goes, 'Oh my God, I've hit Dr. Phil.'"

Dude, just get back in the car, back it up, and try, try again.



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Spice Girls Tape Victoria's Secret Show

The Spice Girls – (from left) Geri Halliwell, Emma Bunton, Melanie Chisholm, Melanie Brown and Victoria Beckham – take the stage Thursday for their first reunion performance in 10 years at a taping of the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show at Hollywood's Kodak Theatre. The show airs Dec. 4 on CBS.


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Thursday, November 15, 2007
The Japanese Want to Throw Hayden Panettiere in Jail

Earlier this month 'Heroes' star Hayden Panettiere was in Japan and took part in a protest against trditional Japanes dolphin hunts. Then she hopped a plane immediately and returned to the States, but just recently found out that warrant was issued for her in Japan for her part in the protest.

"I learned that they have an arrest warrant out for me in Japan," the Heroes star told E! News exclusively Wednesday. "We just found out."

Panettiere, 18, was part of a convoy of activists from the U.S. and Australia who on Oct. 30 paddled out on surfboards to protest the annual slaughter of dolphins and whales by Japanese fisherman.

Her group attempted to reach a pod of dolphins before it was driven into a nearby cove and massacred, but they were blocked by a fishing boat before they could reach the sea creatures.

"It was really frightening," Panettiere said at the time. "But in the end, all we really worried about was the dolphins."

After returning to shore, the group headed directly to Osaka and left the country to avoid being arrested for trespassing by the Japanese national police.

Now it looks like the scare's not quite over for the actress.

When asked what the arrest warrant could mean, Panettiere replied, "Potentially jail, but I doubt it."

She said she was thrilled that the incident was receiving international attention, as it could result in educating others about the dolphins' plight.

I'm sitting back in my chair imaging little Hayden in the female ward of the local Japanese jail. Try not to drop the soap in the shower, HP. Now, what will I spend my reward money on for turning her in to the Jap cops......


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Tori Spelling's Boobies Are Whimpering for Mercy

I've been staring at this picture for the better part of an hour trying to decide if Tori Spelling's breasts were surgically made to look that robotic and chest-centric, or if it's just an unfortunate side effect of that unfortunate dress she's wearing. I mean, in theory, the dress is okay, but I think she may have tried to squeeze her silicone enhanced sweater puppies into a size zero dress that was clearly not meant for that size of breast. She also has a bobblehead kind of thing going on now that tells me that she has lost a little too much weight, and before long she is going to look like a lollipop with bad hooters and overinflated lips.


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Best Dressed Celeb of the Day: Helena Christensen

39 year old Danish supermodel Helena Christensen hits one straight outta the ballpark in this grey one-shouldered gown. She is a hot cougar at a Montblanc Charity gala in Monaco. Well played, Helena.


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Christina Aguilera is Growing a Football Team in There

Remember just like, last week when Christina Aguilera's un-admitted baby bump was just a bump? And then in the space of like, a week, the bump has grown into a ginormous pregnancy belly? What the hell happened to that kid in a week?? Does just admitting that your pregnant spur a sudden onset of growth in fetuses? Does she have a whole football team in there?

Go back to denying the pregancy rumors, Xtina. Save yourself!


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Sarah Michelle Prinze?

Our favorite vampire slayer officially changed her name from Sarah Michelle Gellar to Sarah Michelle Prinze to honor her five year marriage. No word on whether the new last name will be used professionally or just on paper.


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Britney Runs Over Another Photog Yadda Yadda

I think at this point I might as well cut and paste over and over again from all the other times I have written that Britney Spears ran over somebody's foot. Oops! She did it again!

The singer, 25, allegedly ran over a photographer's foot while leaving the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills Wednesday.

The accident occurred around 9:30 p.m. when Spears and pal Sam Lutfi pulled up to the valet and photographers began surrounding her Mercedes SL65. Spears then pulled into the back entrance. She was still there as of 10:20 p.m.

This comes after a week where she ran a red light while texting on her phone with both her kids in the car, had a paparazzi spotter knocked off his motorcycle and rushed to a hospital, and ran over a cop's foot when leaving the courthouse.

Girl needs to just get it overwith and hire a damn driver already! Get off the f****ing road, Brit!!



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OJ Simpson to Stand Trial for Armed Robbery

Murder trial veteran and recently accused armed robber O.J. Simpson is about to go on trial again. Justice of the Peace Joseph Bonaventure made the decision to put O.J back in the hotseat after four hours of deliberation.

Simpson, along with two other co-defendants, will stand trial for twelve counts associated with armed robbery, assault with a deadly weapon, kidnapping, and burglary.

Yikes! Well hopefully this time the idiot jurors will get it right and finally put the bastard where he Hell jail.


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Aussie Santas Censored by the Ho's

Santas in Australia's largest city have been told not to use Father Christmas's traditional "ho ho ho" greeting because it may be offensive to women, it was reported Thursday.

Sydney's Santa Clauses have instead been instructed to say "ha ha ha" instead, the Daily Telegraph reported.

One disgruntled Santa told the newspaper a recruitment firm warned him not to use "ho ho ho" because it could frighten children and was too close to "ho", a US slang term for prostitute.

"Gimme a break," said Julie Gale, who runs the campaign against sexualising children called Kids Free 2B Kids.

"We are talking about little kids who do not understand that "ho, ho, ho" has any other connotation and nor should they," she told the Telegraph.

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Wednesday, November 14, 2007
Jolie and Pitt Purchase "Ethiopia"

According to reports, Angelina Jolie and baby-daddy Brad Pitt have purchased a property in the man-made islands of The World in Dubai. The island they purchased is in the shape of Ethiopoa, where their adopted daughter Zahara is from. World neighbors will include the Beckhams and Tommy Lee.

I'm thinking that with all the kids they have and intend to have in the future, they may need more than one island.

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'Greasy Bear' Brandon Davis Too Greasy for Stylists

Oil(y) heir, Brandon 'Greasy Bear' Davis, certainly lived up to his nick name this week when he visited a salon to get his grungy mane clipped. Unfortunately for him, the stylists not only had to wear rubber gloves to touch his hair, and then sources talked to Page Six about it.

Even professional hairstylists won't touch Brandon Davis' hair. When "Greasy Bear" paid a visit late Saturday to the Frederic Fekkai Salon for a trim, stylists were so appalled by his oily grunginess they donned rubber gloves. "Even the shampoo person wore gloves," said a source. "He [Davis] was really out of it, sweating profusely. His eyes were half shut and he was asking for carrot juice, even after they told him they only had orange juice." The salon did not return calls for comment.

That's just gross.


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Beckham Takes Off His Clothes....Again

David Beckham continues in his quest of global domination, and also succeeds in thrilling females everywhere, by signing on as the face of Emporio Armani's underwear line.

There is a God.

The ad campaign shot in LA this week, and will debut in women's fashion magazines starting in January.

I'm sure we'll be posting those pictures, ladies.


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John Stamos Has Mid-Air Encounter With Wacko

Sexy John Stamos had a weird encounter with a fan mid-flight, and the woman even got to the point where she was physically abusive with him.

Stamos, who was travelling with a friend, was hit several times in the hand as the woman began shouting and threatening him.

F.B.I. agents boarded the plane when it landed, as is standard procedure when dealing with a mid-air disturbance. The officials took statements from numerous witnesses, although it appears no charges will be filed.



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Halle and Gabriel to Separate?

Reports are surfacing that all may not be ideal in the world of expectant mom Halle Berry and her baby-daddy, model Gabriel Aubry. The too beautiful for words couple seem to have very different ideas on what will be the living situation after their little bundle of joy is born.

Pregnant actress Halle Berry is devastated after learning boyfriend Gabriel Aubry plans to remain in New York following the birth of their first child next year (08).

The Oscar-winner, who is five months pregnant, planned to raise the tot at her home in Los Angeles - but her French Canadian partner of two years reportedly wants to reside on America's east coast to further his modelling career.

A source says, "She's been shocked by the news. Halle had always assumed Gabriel would move to the west coast so they could live together as one happy family.

"If Gabriel stays in New York, it'll mean long separations. She knows their relationship won't survive and has been begging him to change his mind."

This could all be just baseless smoke, but if it's true, hopefully the two of them will work it out. Halle deserves some happiness after all she's been through in her life.



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Ellen Pompeo Gets Married

'Grey's Anatomy' star Ellen Pompeo managed to fly under the gossip radar, and tied the knot with fiance Chris Ivery in New York on Friday.

The pair — who got engaged a year ago — wed Friday in a brief ceremony at New York's City Hall, where Mayor Michael Bloomberg — a Massachusetts native like Pompeo, 38 — served as their witness, The Boston Globe reports. First Deputy Mayor Patti Harris accompanied the couple, the paper said.

"They are over the moon," the Globe quoted Pompeo's rep, Jennifer Allen, as saying.

Congrats! Let's hope her marriage is more successful than Meredith's relationship with McDreamy.

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Cameron Mathison Sent Home from 'DWTS'

Is anyone else questioning why Marie Osmond is always the first one to be declared safe on 'Dancing With the Stars'? Is she being given special treatment because her dad died? Anywhoo, soap star Cameron Mathison is the latest contender to be sent home, and I thought it would be either Jennie Garth or Marie.

Helio Castroneves and Melanie Brown seem to be the top two that will duke it out in the finals, at least that's my prediction.

Jennie Garth just doesn't have the self-confidence to keep it up, and Marie Osmond doesn't have the range to push through her plateau. However Osmond was definitely right about one thing. She said she had the power of the number of Osmonds (Mormons) out there voting for her to keep her on the show, and it's happening.


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Matt Damon: Sexiest Man Alive

People magazine named Matt Damon as their Sexiest Man Alive for the year.

"You've given an aging suburban dad the ego-boost of a lifetime," Damon, 32, told PEOPLE, explaining why he couldn't possibly accept the crown – which perfectly demonstrates many of the reasons we chose him in the first place: irresistible sense of humor, rock solid family man, heart-melting humility.

This year's runners up for the title included Patrick Dempsey, Ryan Reynolds, Brad Pitt, James McAvoy, and Johnny Depp, among others.

I must say, I wholeheartedly agree with the list, and think every one of them should have a chance at being my future ex-hubby.

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