Friday, November 30, 2007
Tara Reid's Next Big Gig

Tara Reid, the trashtastic mess vying with Britney Spears as "Biggest Hollywood Disappointment", got a new gig. This time our little plastically enhanced "actress" is going all the way to Australia to host....wait for it.....The Hookers Ball.

How appropriate.

Anywhoo, not only will she be performing hostess duties, whatever those may be, but she will also be in a wet t-shirt contest. That little debacle will put on display her surgically altered Frankenboobies that the rest of the world has already seen, and blinded themselves as a result, but apparently Australians either haven't seen them yet, or just don't get enough masochistic punishment in other ways.

[Darwin's Discovery] nightclub's hospitality manager Guy Dunne said, "It's a night like [America's] 'pimps and prostitutes' or sleaze balls, and it's just a night of less is best. We thought Tara Reid would be a great choice - it's a very naughty night and an opportunity to put your inhibitions down."

"It's something our promotions team worked very hard for and we just managed to secure her in the last week. I believe Tara Reid and her people were very enthusiastic to come here."

An advertisement for the party promises "bondage beds, fantasy, latex, porn stars and erotic dancers" - all for $25, but embarrassingly spells 'American' wrong in the title of Tara's most famous film.

Reid follows in the ever illustrious hosting footsteps of other has-been's like various Big Brother Australia contestants and some obscure business woman named Bessie Bardot.

It looks like our recently "reformed party girl" is definitely getting back on track with her career choices. Next, we should see her at the ribbon cutting of the corner adult video superstore in a town near you!



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