Monday, November 26, 2007
Dennis Rodman Needs to Keep His Hands to Himself

Apparently former NBA baller and current cross-dresser Dennis Rodman missed the day in kindergarten where the kids learned how to keep their hands to themselves. Rodman is being sued by a former Las Vegas bar manager for alleged lewd behavior, followed by slapping her bottom with his open hand when she tried to get away.

Sara Robinson, a former bar manager at the Hard Rock Hotel, has filed a lawsuit against the sportsman over a March 2006 incident, claiming he slapped her on the bottom and rubbed himself against her at the resort.

The lawsuit alleges, "As Robinson stepped around the bar, Rodman grabbed her, pulled her towards him and rubbed his body against hers.

"Robinson tried to get free from Rodman's grasp, at which time he assaulted her by reaching down and slapping her open-handed on the bottom."

The complaint, which seeks unspecified damages, also claims Robinson was fired unfairly by the Hard Rock chain after filing a statement detailing Rodman's actions following a separate incident at the same venue in April 2006, in which he is accused of 'causing a scene'.

Rodman has been accused, in a separate incident from September if this year, of smacking the bottom of yet another bar employee, this time in Los Angeles. That incident is currently under investigation by police.

Girls, I hear he's available. Form the line to the left, please.



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