Thursday, November 22, 2007
Convicted Rapist Insists He is Naomi Campbell's Dad

Naomi Campbell's mother Valerie Morris has vehemently denied claims from a convicted rapist that he is the supermodel's biological father. Errol Campbell, 56, who has served a prison sentence for rape, is convinced he is dad to the British catwalk queen - despite strenuous denials from Campbell's camp. He says, "I'll do DNA tests, anything to be with Naomi. All I want is to be part of her life and for Naomi to acknowledge me before I go to my grave." But a representative for Morris, who left the name of her daughter's father blank on her birth certificate, has denied Errol's claims, insisting the facts he has given about their alleged relationship are inaccurate. The spokesperson says, "She has never admitted who Naomi's father is. She was with the father for a maximum two years, not 10 like Mr Campbell states. Two months after the birth she raised her daughter on her own and acted as both mother and father. She says his claims to be Naomi's dad are completely untrue." A spokesman for Campbell adds, "She's aware of the story but declines to comment



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