Friday, November 30, 2007
Paris's Image Rehab Not Going So Well

Paris Hilton has been working overtime trying to convince the world that she is a different, more responsible, person since serving her time in jail. Unfortunately, the big changes haven't lasted too long, according to Janet Charlton.

Paris Hilton was hired to do a photo layout for German Vanity Fair last week and we got inside scoop on how the shoot went. It took place in a luxurious private home in LA. She was scheduled to be shot at 9 AM with a group of kids, but Paris showed up 45 minutes late and insisted on sleeping in her car for 45 more minutes before walking in, carrying her dog, wearing her bathrobe and slippers. She insisted on smoking pot ALL day and the homeowner had to request that she do it in the yard, NOT in the house. The bedroom that served as Paris's dressing room was covered with blankets to protect the carpet and bed. "She was really in a daze and didn't communicate with anyone - not even the photographer who had worked with her before." When Paris left, the room she had used was a mess. The blankets were cast aside and there were blonde hair extensions all over the carpet, food spilled everywhere, rings on the tables, and her dog peed on the bed!

Sounds like the Paris we know and love to me!


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