Friday, November 30, 2007
No Buyers for Lohan's Staged Turkey Day Pics

Ah Lindsay. Poor little rich girl. It seems La Lohan has been trying to unload a set of staged photos of herself, the borefriend, and the family from "Thanksgiving", in order to make a buck. Originally the set was priced in the six-figures, but there were no takers, so Linds dropped the price to 20 grand. Several celebrity magazines turned down the offer of the pics because they know Linds is no longer the big star she thinks she is, and photos of her just aren't the big draw they used to be. Hence the tipping off of paparazzi to her every whereabouts these days carrying out ho-hum activities like shopping and the like.

Lindsay, a little advice: Nobody really gives a rip anymore! Go back to making your mediocre tween flicks for the money, and quit phoning the paps every time you pick your nose. We don't need to see it.


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