Wednesday, November 14, 2007
'Greasy Bear' Brandon Davis Too Greasy for Stylists

Oil(y) heir, Brandon 'Greasy Bear' Davis, certainly lived up to his nick name this week when he visited a salon to get his grungy mane clipped. Unfortunately for him, the stylists not only had to wear rubber gloves to touch his hair, and then sources talked to Page Six about it.

Even professional hairstylists won't touch Brandon Davis' hair. When "Greasy Bear" paid a visit late Saturday to the Frederic Fekkai Salon for a trim, stylists were so appalled by his oily grunginess they donned rubber gloves. "Even the shampoo person wore gloves," said a source. "He [Davis] was really out of it, sweating profusely. His eyes were half shut and he was asking for carrot juice, even after they told him they only had orange juice." The salon did not return calls for comment.

That's just gross.


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