Tuesday, November 13, 2007
Timberlake Does a Rerun in the Gift Department

I'm not sure how Jessica Biel should feel about the customised surfboard that boyfriend Justin Timberlake just gave her as a gift. It seems that JT gave a customised surfboard just like it to his ex, Cameron Diaz, purchased from the very same surf shop four years ago.

A source said, "He phoned Evolution Surf and ordered a longboard with a blue, yellow and gold design. He also put in an order for a year's supply of Sex Wax. He thought it'd be fun to surprise her with a board and a trip to Hawaii to teach her how to surf!"

Diaz is an avid surfer and, immediately after her and Justin's breakup, headed to Hawaii for a long vacation filled with nothing but surfing to clear her head.

Personally I think it's just as good an excuse as any for all of us to be able to see more of Jessica in a swimsuit.

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  • At Friday, 16 November, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous

    I wish my boy friend would give me a Evolution Surf surfboard and a trip to Hawaii.

    Love you too Justin!