Monday, November 12, 2007
Courtney and Kate: Pot + Kettle = Very, Very Black

One of the biggest messes in the history of celebritydom won't buy the home of the other biggest mess, because the house is such a big mess. In other words, Courtney Love has backed out of buying a house from Kate Moss because it is too "dark and depressing", and needs too much work.

The former Hole singer, who looked around Kate's north London property once before, backed out of plans to purchase the mansion after a second inspection left her "horrified".

Courtney is said to have told friends the three-bedroom house wasn't worth the $7 million price tag because it is in such poor condition.

One pal told Britain's Sunday Mirror newspaper, "Courtney had a viewing and wasn't convinced, but Kate persuaded her to take a second look. That was when Courtney noticed the house was in a state - with scratched floors and old-looking plug sockets. She said it was a mess and she would need to clean it up.

"Courtney said the magnolia and pink walls made the house look depressing and sterile. She told Kate the house wasn't worth $7 million because of the redecorating."

The 43-year-old rocker even disapproved of the supermodel's art collection, which includes a print of the late Sex Pistols rocker Sid Vicious and a vampire painting.

The source added, "There was a painting of Sid Vicious in the bathroom, which Kate said was valuable, and she offered to throw it in. But Courtney said she couldn't bathe with Sid hanging over her."

Yeah, because I'm sure Courtney Love is the paragon of good taste, and a house purchased from her would be in pristine condition, and artfully decorated.


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