Thursday, November 8, 2007
J. Lo States the Obvious

Jennifer Lopez finally decided to confirm her pregnancy to the crowd on the last stop of her and hubby Marc Anthony's 'El Cantante' tour.

"Marc and I are expecting a baby!" the glowing singer announced to a shocked audience.

Just as surprised? Husband (and fellow tour headliner) Marc Anthony, who shrugged his shoulders, caressed his wife's stomach, then leaned over and kissed her belly. "I didn't know she was going to talk," he told the crowd.

"The whole arena went insane," says one concert-goer. "It was awesome!"

Lopez thanked the audience for the applause and said, "We are happy, too." She then turned sideways to reveal her profile and show off her very noticeable bump.

Yeah. Duh. Anyway, the upside for me is that from now on we will be spared photos of those god-awful Roberto Cavalli mu-mu's she has been wearing, that look like an acid trip gone way wrong. Cavalli should be publicly flogged for designing such horrid crap. Unfortunately, he might just enjoy that sort of thing.


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