Tuesday, May 8, 2007
Lindsay Lohan Caught Up in Yet Another Scandal

The UK's News of the World broke the story on Saturday that Lindsay Lohan isn't quite as sober as she wants us to think she is. The story included video of Lohan snorting cocaine, and shoving it up her friends' noses.

Well first of all, tell us something we didn't already know. But the world is all in a tizzy because of the supporting photos and video.

Page Six had this to say about the brouhaha:

NEWS reports in London say a video of Lindsay Lohan allegedly doing cocaine has surfaced. The News of the World newspaper carried stills from a bathroom stall at Teddy's in L.A. which allegedly show Lohan "wedged inside with two friends. Lohan pulls a small bag of white powder from her jeans pocket. She dips her finger in and shoves the substance up one friend's nose before snorting some up her own." A rep for Lohan - who was expected at the Met costume gala last night and the premiere for her flick, "Georgia Rule," tonight - didn't return calls.

In a world where all publicity is good publicity, I'm not sure how her costars in 'Georgia Rule' feel about this latest debacle featuring Lindsay. During the filming she was publicly chastised by Morgan Creek CEO James G. Robinson for her lack of work ethic. Lohan frequently held up filming by being late, hung over, and/or calling in sick to the set.


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