Friday, May 18, 2007
Cameron Diaz Nipple Slip

Nipple slips must be going around, because it seems like everyone's having them. This time it was Cameron Diaz on the Ellen DeGeneres show.

Cam’s loose-fitting top slipped down and left her right breast exposed. It’s a good thing the cameraman was probably already starring at her breasts because he was quick to shoot her from the side until Ellen alerted Cameron about the nip slip.

Cameron, who was dressed in a beige suit, laughed off the incident after DeGeneres said, “They’re asking you to pull up your shirt.”

Diaz said, “Excuse moi. Thank you. I went through so many foolproofs on this too - ‘It ain’t gonna fall out, I promise.’ I hate double-stick tape; you can always see double-stick tape.”

DeGeneres responded, “Well, we saw something else.”

I love Ellen.


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