Thursday, May 17, 2007
Britney's Got New Hair, and it Ain't Pretty

Britney Spears was seen out and about with blond locks, but this time it wasn't a wig she was sporting. It seems the Britster has got herself some brand new extensions and a serious bleach job on her own one inch hair to match.

A stylist from Heavener Salon in Lake Forest, Calif., tells TMZ she spent two entire days setting, matching and dyeing extensions for Britney's short hair. Spears added several inches to her dome, which is still only about an inch long.

According to our source, Britney is scheduled for another touch-up in just a few days, but Britney won't be going to the Orange Country store to get the work done -- the store will go to Britney.

Uh...wasn't that where all this drama started? Didn't Britney shave off her extensions and scream about never wanting people to touch her again? I guess the rehabbers convinced her of "Alcohol and drugs: extensions and bleach: good."



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