Friday, March 2, 2007
Chloe Sevigny Bored by Zodiac Killer Book

'Zodiac' actress Chloe Sevigny found out that she wasn't nearly as prepared as her male co-stars were for her role in the film. She was supposed to read the book "Zodiac Unmasked" as research, but said she found the book too tedious, and gave up reading it.

"I started reading 'Zodiac Unmasked' before we went into production and I couldn't get through it. I found it slightly tedious. He (author Robert Graysmith) went so in depth into the details and I just wasn't that interested. I was frightened by the scarier bits and the details of the crimes. I did, however, feel slightly embarrassed because all the men on the set knew so much about it and they had all these crazy details from the book."

I guess she found research for 'The Brown Bunny' much easier, where the most difficult thing she had to do was give a blow job to her real life boyfriend Vincent Gallo on camera.


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