Thursday, March 1, 2007
Hounsou: Hollywood He-Ho

'Blood Diamond' star Djimon Hounsou is becoming the next big Hollywood He-Ho, after Jeremy Piven, of course. Hounsou is linked (this week) to Baby Phat's Kimora Simmons, and (last week) to Cameron Diaz. This dude gets around!

The two hit the Dom Pérignon-hosted private dinner for Oscar winner Forest Whitaker at Hollywood hot spot Boulevard 3. "They were in the Library Bar, kissing," a tipster reports. "They definitely looked like a couple."

Another source tells me the two have known each other for years through their modeling work, but recently reconnected at a post-Oscar party.

"They're friends who are having a good time getting to know each other a little better," Simmons' rep told me this afternoon. Hounsou's rep could not be reached.

Of course all reps involved (including Diaz's) spouted the "just friends" shtick, per usual.


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