Thursday, March 1, 2007
Bobby Brown Gets Out of Jail

Bobby Brown was released from police custody after his brother helped him out and paid the $19,000 in back child support that Brown owed. A judge had ruled that Brown was not to be released from jail until the debt was paid in full. Bobby spent 4 days in the slammer until his bro came to the rescue.

Brown was arrested Sunday at his daughter's cheerleading competition for failure to pay two months of child support to his ex, Kim Ward, for his two kids. Later today he is due back in court to tell the judge how he plans to raise the $5,500 that is due for March.

The singer's lawyer Phaedra Parks admitted Brown is struggling to work at the moment and accused the court of treating the star's badly because of his celebrity status. Parks says, "It's unfortunate he finds himself in this situation. But the court hasn't exactly cut Bobby any breaks. I daresay there are a million guys out there who are a few months behind in their child-support payments who have not been treated the way Bobby has been treated."

Life must suck for Bobby now that he doesn't have Whitney Houston to pay his bills and bail him out of trouble all the time.


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