Thursday, March 1, 2007
Feuds, Feuds, and More Feuds

Yet another Tinseltown feud is brewing, and this time it's between Justin Timberlake and '24' actress Elisha Cuthbert. Reportedly JT used Cuthbert's relationship with Trace Ayala as the inspiration behind his current hit 'What Goes Around...Comes Around', and Cuthbert is furious.

When JT's ex Cameron Diaz ran into Cuthbert at a post Oscar party, the two sat engrossed in intense converstaion for over an hour, with Cuthbert apparently livid at Timberlake for the diss in the song. Diaz spent the time trying to calm her down by saying she was "only an inspiration" for the song. It wasn't actually about her. Elisha is supposedly mad because Justin didn't tell the whole story, whatever that is.


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