Friday, March 2, 2007
Big Screen 'Dallas' Automatically Doomed
John Travolta has reportedly convinced producers of his new film, the big screen adaptation of soap, 'Dallas', to cast real life wife Kelly Preston as Sue Ellen.

Travolta is obviously ignoring all other movies who fell prey to the idea that real life couples make great on screen couples. 'Gigli' or 'Eyes Wide Shut' anyone?

Let's not forget the fact that the whole idea of turning the long dead nighttime soap into a big screen project is just plan ridiculous. I am now absolutely certain that there are no more ideas for scripts to be had in all of the world, let alone Hollywood, and I'm getting darn tired of having to see schlock put out because of it.

Let's rehash a few of the really bad TV remakes that made it the big screen, and feel free to add any I have missed in the comments section.

* Bewitched
* Serenity
* The Flintstones
* McHale's Navy
* MacGyver
* Twin Peaks
* The X-Files
* Charlie's Angels
* Dragnet
* Fat Albert
* George of the Jungle
* Wild Wild West
* Scooby Doo
* Starsky and Hutch
* Richie Rich
* The Mod Squad
* Lost in Space
* Miami Vice
* Inspector Gadget
* Dukes of Hazzard

One would think that after all those universally panned, and most of them financial failures, Hollywood would learn a valuable lesson. I think one of the only exceptions to the rule was 'Mission Impossible'.

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