Monday, February 26, 2007
Naomi Campbell Needs a Personal Assistant: Own Helmet Required

Job-seekers beware! Naomi Campbell is looking for a new personal assistant, and the search is going to be turned into an MTV reality show.

The catwalking supermodel has shown a penchant in the past for chucking small objects at her PA's head, namely Swarovski encrusted cel phones, etc. Campbell's last six assistants have quit because of her tirades, and physical and emotional abuse toward them.

The model has been forced to attend anger management classes, and do community service.

A source said: "Naomi is extremely demanding and is suspicious of new people before she trusts them."

On the plus side, the chosen PA will travel the world and enjoy a glamorous lifestyle. On the minus side, they may have to have quite a hefty health insurance policy for all those x-rays they could require, and probably will need to wear a crash helmet at all times. Hopefully Naomi offers full benefits to be her missile target.



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