Monday, February 26, 2007
Bobby Brown: Back to Jail

Singer Bobby Brown, who has become more famous for his against the law antics than for his lyrics, is on his way to jail again. This time for failing to appear at a child support hearing, and failure to pay fines.

Brown was picked up at his daughter's high school cheerleading competition, and officer's reported that he was very cooperative, and they even let him borrow a cel phone to make a call.

Brown has been sentenced to 10-30 days for the failure to appear, and is being transported to the Norfolk County House of Corrections. Later this evening Brown will have an opportunity to pay what he owes and get out fo completing the jail sentence.

38 year old Bobby has previously been arrested for multiple reasons, such as battery, rape, sexual battery, drunk driving, failing drug tests, posession of marijuana, domestic violence, and public urination on a car.


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