Monday, February 26, 2007
Oscar's Worst Dressed
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It seems to be the general concensus that Cameron Diaz topped the worst dressed list for this year's Oscar's, wearing what looked like a cardboard cut out of a dress. I didn't want to pick on a little girl, but Abigail Breslin was right up there with a birthday cake looking dress topped with rubber flowers. Following those two were Jennifer Lopez, who I really wanted to like, but couldn't get past the fact that her dress made her look huge. Then Jennifer Hudson's space-age python shrug, and Kelly Preston's leopard print disaster. To give credit where credit is due, Hudson't\s dress was much better when she lost her little jacket during the awards show.

Alot of bloggers put Nicole Kidman on the worst dressed list, but I loved her dress, even if it was a little bit on the bright side. Anne Hathaway was also dinged for the oversize bow on her chest, but I thought it worked alright.

Overall the fashions were great, and the men looked dazzling. The overall trend for the ladies seemed to be the grecian goddess look, and also the one shouldered thing was big, and then the feather trim.

The biggest surprise for me, was that there were no risk takers, and not a swan dress or nipple slip to be found. Fashions were very staid and conservative, for the most part, aside from the bright colors worn by Jessica Biel and Nicole Kidman. The biggest fashion risk of the night was a 'Little Shop of Horrors' type vine crawling up Keisha Whitaker's back.


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  • At Tuesday, 27 February, 2007, Blogger DariDonovan

    Oh I don't know if Diaz topped the list, I think that gawdy gob of rills and puffy lace Penelope Cruze had on was about as bad as it gets.

  • At Tuesday, 27 February, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous

    I think Kirsten Dunst should be on the list, and Abigail Breslin definitely shouldn't. She's 10 years old. Enough said.

  • At Tuesday, 27 February, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous

    I have to agree, Penelope looked atrocious. However, I put Jennifer on the top of the list. That dress, unless she is hiding a pregnancy, made her look like a tank and the bra made her breasts look like they wanted to hide under her arms. Poor Cameron. Love her to death, but she doesn't do formals well. She is a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl.

  • At Tuesday, 27 February, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous

    no nipple slip? then you weren't watching Jennifer Hudson's nipple pop out of her dress while her and Beyonce were singing. SHe did her best to adjust and hide it with the microphone, but it was there. I'm just surprised at the lack of hoo-haw about it.

  • At Thursday, 01 March, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous

    umm... I think Jennifer Lopez IS pregnant. It's very good for a maternity dress.

    And seriously, leave Abigail Breslin alone.

  • At Thursday, 01 March, 2007, Blogger CeCeLadybug

    People! Get over yourselves already! I didn't like the kid's dress. So what?? It's not like I said she had a 3rd eye or was ridiculously fat. The dress stunk. Next time she'll get a better one. I could have found something for her at JC Penney for 50 bucks that would have looked nicer. That's all i'm saying.


  • At Thursday, 01 March, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous

    I saw the Jennifer 'nipple slip' too! Surprised it wasn't mentioned....

  • At Thursday, 01 March, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous

    I saw the nipple slip it was missed by the media?