Monday, February 26, 2007
Angelina Back in Africa

Angelina Jolie is back in Africa to monitor the crisis in Darfur, as goodwill ambassador for the UN. She is unable to go into Darfur itself due to the unstable conditions there, but she is in Chad and visiting refugee camps about two miles from the Sudan border.

Her trip will last for a few days and will enable her to gauge the current conditions, which are thought to have deteriorated since her last visit in 2004.

Jolie is currently up for consideration to join the Council on Foreign Relations, which includes Condoleeza Rice and Henry Kissinger as members.



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  • At Tuesday, 27 February, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous

    Angelina being a "Goodwill" anything just cracks me up. Why so many people see this _ _ _ _ as anything but what she really is amazes me.

    She hardly sets an example for anyone but sleazy homewreckers in my opinion.