Monday, February 5, 2007
Jessica Simpson on the Cover of Elle Magazine
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Jessica Simpson appears on the cover of the March issue of Elle magazine, and an interview inside.

A few of the points that she covers are:

*She was hurt by the inordinate amount of press that Nick, her ex-hubby, got with other women so soon after their own split. She said it was awful seeing him out with women other than herself.

*She's still very much in touch with Nick, and any guy who is going to be a part of her life has to accept that.

*She's unusually close-mouthed about her current relationship with singer, John Mayer, but let's slip that it's possible she's totally in love right now...but won't absolutely confirm it. She's wary of the press after the tabloid firestorm that was caused by allowing cameras into her home and marriage with MTV's 'Newlyweds' show. It contributed to the subsequent breakup of her marriage.

Simpson looks feminine and radiant on the cover, in a pink strapless dress.

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  • At Sunday, 11 March, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous

    do you know the designer of the hot pink dress she is wearing on the cover of the elle issue?
    email me at if you do.