Thursday, April 10, 2008
My Apologies for Lack of Posts!

Apologies, Gossip Junkie fans! We have had a family emergency that has taken me away from web access, gossip and posting. Hopefully things will be sewed up by the weekend, and I can be back at work posting by Monday. In the meantime, get your fresh, hot gossip by clicking the left column links in Gossip Fixes.

Join us Monday for all your gossip needs right here!

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Wednesday, March 26, 2008
Seriously, Renee? Really?

Renne Zellweger showed up at the Kentucky premiere of her new film 'Leatherheads' looking, well, très crappy. WTF, Renee? Did you run out of foundation and just decide to dip your face in a vat of Crisco instead? And then for the pièce de résistance, attack your hair with preschool scissors and stick your pinky finger in the electric socket in your hotel bathroom for kicks?

Holy crap, I don't even look this bad after a full 48 hours of drinking hard liquor, sleeping with 23 men, and then putting in a full day at work. Metaphorically speaking, of course.....

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DWTS: Penn Jillette and Monica Seles Go Home

What I thought was going to be an excruciating season of Dancing With the Stars, has suddenly become a little bit more bearable, with last night's departure of magician Penn Jillette and retired tennis champ Monica Seles. I knew, from the first time I saw Seles in the audience watching the men dance, looking uncomfortable and mad as hell, that she just wasn't going to do well. Seles just looked pissed, for whatever reason. That, and I just couldn't get past her resemblance to Celine Dion, which was incredibly distracting to me.

When Seles danced with her partner Jonathan Roberts, you could tell she was trying hard, but getting her to let down her guard, cut loose and move, was like watching someone trying desperately to squeeze blood from a turnip. It just wasn't happening.

Penn Jillette was hilarious in his interview portions, but Bruno had it right when he compared Jillette's dancing to watching Shrek bust a move.

We'll see who goes home next. Hopefully it won't be my new favorite spitfire, Marissa Jaret Winokur.


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Dumba** of the Day Award: Richie Sambora!

Nothing says "I love you" to your kid, more than driving while intoxicated, and then getting a DUI with her in the car.

Rocker Richie Sambora got pulled over last night while driving with 10 year old Ava, his daughter from his marriage with Heather Locklear.

Cops say they observed him driving erratically in a black Hummer and pulled him over. He failed numerous field sobriety tests and was detained for DUI.

At the station a cooperative Sambora opted to take a blood test rather than blow into a breathalyzer. Laguna Beach PD tells TMZ there's no indication of drugs.

Sambora was released around 4:00 AM this morning.

Sambora and Alec Baldwin can duke it out for Father of the Year.

Source: TMZ

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