Monday, February 5, 2007
Andy Dick Continues Rampage on Stars
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Source: Star Pulse
Andy Dick, the perpetually obnoxious and seemingly drunk/drugged comic actor, got himself forcibly removed from the set of 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' Friday Night. After being interviewed by Kimmel, Dick remained on the set while Ivanka Trump took her tourn to promote the current season of 'The Apprentice'. Dick kept interrupting Trump, then rubbed her legs repeatedly and touched her hair, both without her permission. At the point where Andy asked Ivanka to "give him a big, fat, sloppy wet kiss right on the lips" and grabbed her arm, Kimmel called in two security guards.

Kimmel grabbed Dick's feet while the security guards took his arms, and helped them drag him from the stage. Ivanka was a good sport, saying "That was brilliant. See, that was a much more entertaining segment. I could sit here and talk to you about the buildings I'm building in Chicago and Las Vegas, but I'm sure you'd much prefer to see Andy Dick actually forcefully removed from a stage."

This isn't the first time Andy Dick has had to be forcibly removed from somewhere he wasn't invited. Earlier this week tabloids reported an incident with Kiefer Sutherland, where Dick accosted him outside a restaurant, insisting the two were great friends, and putting his arm around him. At the point where Dick climbed into Sutherland's limo without invitation, he was not-so-gently removed from the vehicle by Kiefer's driver, and deposited on the sidewalk.

Dude needs to find a new career, stat.

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