Friday, February 15, 2008
CGJ Readers Meet A Cursive Memory

Every once in a while when the urge strikes, or new music crosses my path that I can't ignore, I do a little feature here on CGJ to get the word out. In the past I have profiled Eric Hutchenson and Chester French, both bands I ran across on MySpace. Tonight I found a great group called A Cursive Memory, or ACM to their friends.

The band is made up of four guys, Dillan on drums, Shaun on guitar and vocals, Mark on bass and keyboards, and Colin on guitar and vocals. Their sound is alternative pop, similar to A Simple Plan, with a little All American Rejects thrown in, rounded off with some Killers, which happens to be the exact type of sound I personally love.

ACM has already been discovered by MTV, and attracted the attention of M-Music, the music management division of Bunim/Murray Productions (responsible for shows like The Simple Life and MTV's The Real World). The quartet was the first act to sign with the company, and some of their songs soon appeared on various MTV shows like The Real World and The Gauntlet 2. The band is onto their second full-length (which goes on sale this Tuesday 2/19), and has already toured with the likes of Jimmy Eat World and Boys Like Girls.

Today, ACM's music video for their tune "Everything" was showcased on, bringing considerable attention to the mostly unkown band. You can see the video by clicking below, and also visit their MySpace page to hear more of their singles.

A Cursive Memory - EVERYTHING

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