Thursday, February 14, 2008
Aretha Franklin Should Trademark the Word Queen

Aretha Franklin is a whole lotta woman, and I wouldn't want to have her pissed at me. Ever.

So Aretha comes out of one corner swinging those turkey wattles around and hopping mad about the Grammys because Beyonce introduced her duet partner as the queen. Well everyone in the world knows Aretha is the Queen of Soul, and darn it if Beyonce shouldn't have dissed her ass like that by referring to someone else in the known universe as a queen.

So out of the other corner comes Beyonce's daddy, Matthew, and he's got his fightin' shorts on and everything.

While Beyonce couldn't be reached for comment, her father could, and here's what Matthew Knowles had to say: "Beyonce referred to Tina Turner as a queen. Not queen of gospel, queen of soul, queen of blues, Queen of England. I consider my wife a queen and sometimes call her that. Does Aretha have a problem with that?"

I totally get the difference. Soul. Capitalization versus not. 500 pounds.

Oh God! I think Aretha's coming! Hide me quick!!!

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