Thursday, February 14, 2008
Nicole Kidman Signs on for Spy Flick

Remember the huge Bush Administration scandal where the cover of a CIA Spy was blown in a Washington Post column? I’m sure you do. Her name was Valerie Plame. Turns out the topic was a hot story to be told for all the producer’s in Hollywood with money signs in their eyes. Especially those producers at Warner Brothers.

MTV reports Nicole Kidman has signed on to play the outed spy in a new film from director Doug Liman. Mr. Liman is responsible for the birth of everyone’s favorite amnesiac, globe-trotting Spy in The Bourne Identity. The film will follow the lives of Plame and her husband, Ambassador Joseph Wilson who were dragged into the heated WMD debacle after he wrote a critical article in the New York Times tying the countries entry into Iraq with the false fear of harboring WMD’s.

“I have a really, really insane take on how to tell it. It’s so outrageous,” says Liman. ”Ultimately, I’d be doing something no one has ever done before. Therefore it’s automatically appealing to me. I’m just starting to explore whether what I have in mind is even possible to do.”


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