Tuesday, October 16, 2007
Best New Show of the Season: 'Samantha Who?'

I admit, I have only seen the one episode, and the show is so brand new that it still has lot of time to suck, but I'm in love with 'Samantha Who?' It's awesome! Christina Applegate is awesome! Jean Smart and Kevin Dunn are awesome! And of course, the biggest surprise for me, Jennifer Esposito is totally awesome!

This half hour sitcom is wicked funny, very sharp, extremely smart, and the script is comic genius and deleiciously irreverent. It's basically about a woman who wakes up from an 8 day coma after being hit by a car, and has total insomnia about her life. She can't remember her family, friends, boyfriend, job, likes and dislikes, or even what her personality was like before her accident. So why is that funny? Well, the premise itself isn't funny, but the resulting situations are hilarious, and Christina Applegate outdid herself.

Give this new show a chance, and I guarantee you will be laughing as hard as I was.

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