Friday, October 12, 2007
Orlando Bloom in Car Accident

One of my front-runner candidates for the position of future ex-Mr. CeCe, Orlando Bloom, was in a car accident in LA last night after he left an area nightclub. TMZ has videos of the star as he was leaving the club, acting rather loopy, and hopping into a random guy's car and apparently arguing with the guy over his wife. Then Bloom wandered over to another car which belonged to someone in his party, and gets into the passenger seat. The driver tries to start the car a couple of times, but it was already running.

When the accident occured later, Orlando was driving. According to the report, another vehicle cut off their car and they hit a parked Porsche Cayenne. TMZ also has video of Bloom attempting to walk away from the scene of the accident immediately after it occured. You can hear cameramen telling him he needs to return to the car and deal with it so it does not become a hit and run, and he eventually does return and wait for police to arrive.

To see all of the videos of Orlando before and after the accident, click here.

Police say that the actor was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of the accident. They also said that one of the passengers suffered a fractured neck, and the other passenger received cuts from their seatbelt.


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