Wednesday, October 10, 2007
Hilton's Swedish Boy-Toy Speaks to Press

Paris Hilton's newest flavor-of-the-week dude is some random Swedish guy she met on a sidewalk, and now he is speaking to US rags about their relationship.

The 20-year-old Swedish touristParis Hilton is championing as the next big name model was a pizza delivery boy living in a $29-a-night Los Angeles hostel when the socialite met him. Alex Vaggo, who has been romantically linked to Hilton, can't believe his luck now he's on the fast track to success after meeting The Simple Life star outside restaurant Mr. Chow. Vaggo admits he drove past the heiress' family estate on a Hollywood celebrity-homes tour just days before they became immediate friends. He tells Life + Style magazine, "I saw Paris' convertible sitting there and two weeks later I'm sitting next to her in the car. It's unbelievable." Vaggo tells the publication he had worked as a model in his native Sweden before coming to America for a break before heading off to college to train to become a doctor. He says, "I wanted some time off before college to travel. I needed money for my trip to America, so I worked at a delivery company for three months and I was a pizza boy." But now he's Hilton's new boy toy: "We hit it off right away. She's so funny and sweet. "(Thanks to her) I'm modelling, taking meetings, going to clubs, eating at great restaurants and living the high life. It's amazing. She's changed my life in every way." Vaggo's first Paris-prompted assignment was a role in singer Mickey Avalon's new video. He recalls, "It was two days after I met Paris. She wanted me in the video. I was like, 'Yeah, right, cool!' I also spent time dog-sitting for her (Paris). I held her dog, Jimi Hendrix. He's really cute."

Well that's all a little bit creepy, but what isn't creepy when Paris Hilton is involved.


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