Saturday, March 3, 2007
J. Lo Hewitt Needs Ghostly Fashion Help

Jennifer Love Hewitt sports some serious cankles on the set of 'Ghost Whisperer'. The cut of that really bad dress does nothing to help the situation. Yikes! Maybe one of her ghosts can give her some much needed fashion advice. First she just needs to burn that dress and those shoes as a ritual sacrifice.


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  • At Saturday, 03 March, 2007, Blogger Nightway

    I actually quite like that dress, I have to say. I agree that it doesn't quite suit her, but I think we need more of that kind of clothing on the high street these days. Or do you disagree? Do you think that the high street caters for those of us not following fashion as well as the fashion worshippers?

  • At Sunday, 13 January, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous

    Your boyfriend needs her tits and luscious ass because you sure as hell don't have any.

  • At Sunday, 13 January, 2008, Blogger CeCe

    You're a little slow on the uptake, but whatever. And yes, my husband definitely appreciates the 36D's I got here. How about yours? Oh sorry, I guess you don't have one.