Monday, October 22, 2007
Spice Girls' Video Shoot a Disaster

Looks like the legendary 'Battle of the Egos' that plagued the Spice girls pre-breakup hasn't got any better, and according to reports, has gotten worse. Things are so bad that the shoot for their first video since reuniting has ended in disaster due to the girls' diva-like demands, goofy behavior, and complaints.

The Spice Girls' comeback video shoot ended in tears and tantrums on Friday. Things didn't go smoothly when the reunited girl group gathered at London's Pinewood Studios to film the promo for their new single 'Headlines (Friendship Never Ends)', with Emma Bunton breaking down when the session ran until 3am because of Geri Halliwell's constant meditation.

Mel B and Victoria Beckham - who flew in from Los Angeles that morning - also disrupted proceedings. Mel constantly complained she was suffering from jet lag, while Victoria insisted on having an assistant follow her around with a supply of fruit and champagne.

Mel C also complained about the duration of the shoot.

A source said: "Things were very delayed. The director was tearing his hair out and threatening to walk."

"The girls were so tired and Emma was crying as the shoot just went on and on."

"Geri kept slowing things down by meditating and doing strange spiritual stuff."

"It's just like before but now their egos are even bigger."

Did people actually think that the passage of time would actually bring about a better behaved and more down to earth group of girls??


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