Thursday, October 4, 2007
Pamela Anderson Gets Further Down Road to Crazytown

In a bizarre statement to the press regarding the marriage license that she and boyfriend Rick Salomon got in Las Vegas, Pamela Anderson says they aren't engaged.


[Anderson] claims she and Salomon applied for the wedding license just in case they decide to get married.

Anderson says, "I'm not really engaged. I don't know what I am... we may never get that far."

I know every time I start dating some random dude I run right out and get a marriage license....just in case. Not!

In other crazy Anderson news, ex-hubby Kid Rock has accused Pammy of lying to him and the world about being pregnant and subsequently having a miscarriage.

"She's in Vancouver shooting a movie and I have Lakers seats on the floor, and I'm gonna go to the Lakers (basketball) game with my friend Jesse James," the 36-year-old rapper says.

"I'm like, `Baby, I got these tickets. I'll see you on the weekend there,' and that leads into her saying, `You don't care about me, blah blah blah,"' Rock says. "She finally comes up with this: `I just had a miscarriage' ... and hangs the phone up."

Rock, claiming he was unaware that Anderson was pregnant, says he chartered a plane and flew to Vancouver. "When I get there, she's partying at this restaurant, drinking champagne, jumping on the tables. I'm thinking, `That's a quick recovery from a miscarriage."'

Last November, a spokeswoman for the former "Baywatch" star said Anderson had suffered a miscarriage. Later that month, Rock, whose real name is Robert Ritchie, and Anderson filed for divorce, seeking to end their marriage of less than four months.

The interview appears in the new Rolling Stone magazine.

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