Wednesday, October 3, 2007
Model Albert Reed Sent Home From 'DWTS'

Is there something about models that America just doesn't like? Because for whatever reason we keep sending the pretty ones home first on 'Dancing With the Stars'. This week male model Albert Reed was sent packing, following last week's ousting of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model Josie Maran.

Reed was one of my personal favorites due to his obvious brains and sense of humor, not to mention his chiseled good looks that I was getting rather used to seeing. He had some dancing talent too, despite his stab at the quickstep that kind of fell flat.

I was sure Mark Cuban was going, because the guy just comes across as an a**, and I can't believe people actually voted for him over Reed, Jennie "I'm Gonna Go Cry Now" Garth, and Las Vegas legend Wayne Newton. Blech! What's wrong with you people???


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