Wednesday, October 24, 2007
Orlando Kills Time With Aussie Model

British actor ORLANDO BLOOM has found comfort in the arms of an Australian model as Los Angeles police investigate a Los Angeles car crash he was involved in. The Pirates Of The Caribbean star cut a corner sharply while reportedly trying to shake off the paparazzi following him, and slammed into a parked Porsche earlier this month (Oct07). But, as police investigate the incident, Bloom has been enjoying a series of dates with an Miranda Kerr, according to reports. An insider tells American magazine Us Weekly, "They've been friends for a long time. But they only decided to give it a go a few weeks ago." Bloom is under investigation because the authorities believe he initially left the scene of the accident, after reporting it.

Well I suppose if I had nothing else to do while waiting to see if I was going to be prosecuted for possible hit and run in a foreign land, I would kill time with a model too.



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