Tuesday, September 18, 2007
Zac and Vanessa Are Splitsville

Clothing challenged teen Vanessa Hudgens and her so far squeaky clean boytoy Zac Efron are reportedly over.

According to the source, while Zac was away in Europe promoting Hairspray, Vanessa was at a Hollywood Hills party, where eyewitnesses say she was "all over" her older, not-Zac date. And when someone dared to ask about Zac, Vanessa "threw a fit and said 'don't mention his name!'"

After his return home to L.A., the pair were spotted Sunday night driving together in Zac's car, though the mood looked anything but festive.

I wonder if the split had anything to do with Vanessa's uber-public nude photos and ensuing scandal, which personally, I think she engineered herself for the publicity. Seriously, did anyone even know who she was before she took her clothes off?


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