Monday, September 17, 2007
Fed-Ex to be X-ed Out?

The crackpot investigative team over at Entertainment Tonight have released a story saying that Kevin Federline more than likely has a contract out on his miserable little life.

Multiple sources tell ET that the FBI made attempts to contact Federline to inform him of the potential danger. Sources within the FBI tell ET that this is the bureau’s standard operating procedure when someone’s life is threatened.

ET has been working this story for the past two months.

Could Britney, faced with the very real prospect of losing her kids, have used her mega-bucks to put a hit out on the Ex?

Or perhaps the entire rap world pooled their cash to erase the blight on their music. Popozao!

Or perhaps all of the single women everywhere banded together to rid us of 'The Sperminator'.

Any way you look at it, it seems Fed-Ex may have a big X over his mug.

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