Saturday, September 1, 2007
And Our First Trainwreck of the New Season Is.....

To officially start off our re-immersion into the cesspool of Hollyweird and the celebutards that reside and/or do business there, let's talk about UK singer/rehab hater/trainwreck Amy Winehouse. Winehouse and her enabler/addict/husband Blake Fielder-Civil have been on a romantic break in St. Lucia in the Carribbean, instead of in rehab where the duo belong.

But that's not news. The news is that staff at the posh Jade Hotel entered the room to find the bathroom totally covered in blood and vomit, which apparently belonged to Winehouse.

"It looked like she'd been sick many times. There was blood mixed up in the vomit.

"It was sickening. They were horrified by the state of the room which looked like a bomb had hit it.

"The hotel management offered to send for a doctor but Amy declined. She said she'd be fine. Everyone was concerned because she looked so frail."

Drug addict Amy, 23, was also sick over a sofa as she sat drinking in the only restaurant at the exclusive Jade Mountain resort on St Lucia.

The stench was so bad the hotel was forced to shut it while it was cleaned.

The couple, who married in Florida earlier this year, returned to the restaurant when it re-opened. Amy nibbled on a Caesar salad, while Blake tucked into a steak. They went back to their room but an hour later returned for Amy to demolish a burger and a second salad.

Staff said the pair avoided alcohol the entire day, drinking only fruit punches.

A hotel source added: "They're not like our typical guests. They stand out because they're both covered in cuts and have tattoos all over their bodies. They both behave very strangely."

The couple arrived in St. Lucia following a well publicized collapse and coma on Winehouse's part, a 5 day failed stay in rehab, a postponed tour, and public fight between the two, where both were bruised and bloody and screaming at each other.


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