Tuesday, February 19, 2008
Nicole and Joel Leave Baby and Go Party

This blurb from Page Six seemingly answers the Blind Item from Gatecrasher posted last week.

Blind item: Which recent mom is already bored with her new accessory? Despite pimping herself out to the celebrity mags as a loving parent, she is constantly finding reasons to leave the baby and "escape."

Page Six item: NICOLE Richie and Joel Madden's nanny must be raking in some serious overtime to watch the Hollywood party couple's new baby, Harlow Winter Kate Madden. During the Grammys weekend, the couple went to several parties each night for hours. Last weekend, Richie and Madden once again left their tot at home to spend some quality time with Joel's brother Benji and Lindsay Lohan at Teddy's in the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. They didn't rush home until the end of the evening - "It's almost as if they aren't parents," said a spy.

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