Wednesday, February 13, 2008
Natalie Portman Debuts Vegan Shoe Line

Sprightly Natalie Portman debuted her line of upscale vegan shoes at Te Casan in SoHo Tuesday night, and to gauge by gushing potential customers and fashion-forward supporters like Paper magazine's Mickey Boardman, the line appears to be a tremendous success. Even if the women enjoying the preview didn't quite know how to express it.

"They look wearable, right?" a woman said cryptically while slipping her French-manicured toes into a pair. Nearby, beside a neatly designed display, a woman from W magazine noted, "I'm psyched. I've been looking for vegan shoes as well." Another woman, clutching a full glass of red wine, commented, "They look like people could walk in them." Mission, we say, accomplished?

The shoes range in price from $185-325, and 5% of shoe profits from her line will go towards charity. Check out the line at


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