Wednesday, February 13, 2008
Britney Married Paparazzi Boyfriend?

Britney Spears reportedly 'married' Adnan Ghalib, her snap photog boyfriend, several weeks ago when they ran off to Mexico together - but was the so-called marrriage legal?

No! Britney Spears and her paparazzi boyfrend Adnan Ghalib may have tried to tie the knot - but even if they had - they're marriage is NOT legal!

So when and where did they supposedly get married? According to Splash, a source tells Star Magazine: “While in Mexico, they went through a quickie marriage ceremony. When Britney recently accused her mother of ’sleeping with my husband’, it wasn’t Kevin she was talking about - it was Adnan!”

I thought she said "boyfriend", not "husband"! Well, either way, the source also said: “When Britney got out of hospital that first time Adnan talked her into going to Mexico to get married, saying that he was the only one who could protect her. [Now] he is promising her that they’d get married again once his divorce is final.”

“In all my years, I’ve never seen as big a dirtbag as this guy. I can’t believe how he has taken advantage of this woman when she was in such a fragile state. She is delusional, and he has fed off that.”


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