Tuesday, February 5, 2008
Meet the New 'Bachelor', Brit Matt Grant

Ladies, start your engines! The newest 'Bachelor' has been announced, and he is 27 year old Matt Grant, a British “global financier” and business development manager.

ABC says:
The London-based hunk is “totally charming and [a] witty English gentleman [who] works with millionaire businessmen, but he has something on his mind that is more urgent than any business deal — he wants to find the love of his life and to start a family as soon as possible,” the network says.

For his part, Grant, who has four brothers (all married!), says picking his love from 25 single American ladies puts him in a “privileged position.”

We'll see if this guy has better luck than the last one, Brad Womack, who chose none of the 26 ladies he was presented with.


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