Thursday, January 31, 2008
Eddie Murphy's Side of the Baby Mama Drama (Sort Of)

Eddie Murphy has never spoken publicly about the drama involving Melanie Brown and the baby, Angel, except when he first said the baby wasn't his. Now someone, of course a nameless source, who says they know the real deal, has sounded off with "Eddie's side" of things.

An acquaintance of Eddie Murphy has volunteered some info on WHY Eddie appeared to treat Melanie Brown, the mother of his child Angel, so badly. According to the source, Eddie and Melanie never lived together and in fact, only slept together three times. She assured Eddie that she had a coil implanted for contraception. That's why, when Mel told Eddie she was pregnant, he couldn't believe he was the father. Eddie had already decided that Melanie wasn't up to his standards quality-wise. On one of their first dates she hinted that she'd like to have a three-way. And she was a bit loud and flashy at times. Supposedly, their relationship was already over when Melanie told Eddie she was pregnant. When he reacted badly she offered him a deal: she'd leave him alone if he'd give her nine million dollars, a Malibu house, and living expenses for 18 years. Eddie feels like he was conned and never wants to lay eyes on her again so he won't be visiting their daughter Angel. Eddie figures that when Angel gets older she might try to contact HIM.

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