Friday, January 4, 2008
Adrien Grenier Shoots for 3-Pointer....and Misses

Adrien Grenier was rumored to be channeling his 'Entourage' alter ego Vinnie Chase down in Miami on New Year's, by propositioning pairs of hot girls for some threesome action.

Our spies say "Entourage" pretty boy Adrien Grenier spent the last hours of 2007 propositioning girls for threesomes at the Shore Club in Miami. "He's a pretty smooth talker," said a mole. "He'd flirt with pairs of girls, then say, 'Why don't we just all go upstairs? I want to sleep with both of you.' " But alas, the HBO hunk was shot down every time. "I was down for it but my friend wasn't, and I couldn't bring myself to ditch her," one beauty said. Grenier's rep didn't return our calls.



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