Friday, December 28, 2007
Jen Aniston Shacking Up?

I hope this latest rumor regarding Jennifer Aniston is true, because I think she deserves some happiness in her New Year. Star Magazine has Jen shacking up with uber-hottie Jason Lewis, of 'Sex and the City'.

Best known as the age-inappropriate boy toy belonging to Kim Cattrall’s Samantha character, Jason hooked up with Jen in November and now the two are practically living together, reports Star.

Jen first met Jason through then-husband Brad Pitt. The two reconnected at the encouragement of others. “Mutual friends at the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital charity (for which Jen is a spokesperson) thought Jen and Jason would make a great couple,” an insider told Star. “So they started e-mailing. After their first date, they began seeing each other nonstop.”

According to Star, the simpatico homebodies spend most of their time either at Jen’s Malibu home or Jason’s pad, cooking, working out and watching DVDs. “Oh, Jason hates to go out!” blabbed the Star source. “He’s not into the nightclub scene at all. That’s why it didn’t work out between him and his ex Rosario Dawson. She’s a party girl, and he’s more the quiet, artsy type. Jen loves that.”

If this rumor is true, leave it to Jen to get dumped by arguably the hottest guy on the planet, and then hook up with a guy who is even hotter than her ex, Brad Pitt.

Sizzlin'! You go, girl!
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